Benefits of Violet Essential Oil: How to Use This Natural Product

Benefits of Violet Essential Oil: How to Use This Natural Product
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While essential oils have been used for healing in other cultures for thousands of years, in Western culture they are a fairly new

trend. Some in the medical profession have been unwilling to recognize alternative therapies as valid. Due to increasing public demand however, we have recently seen a huge increase in natural healing practitioners and the use of alternative therapies. 

Essential oils are normally inhaled in some way or applied topically but never taken internally. Violet essential oil is still a rather unknown, yet effective treatment for many reasons. Hopefully, as Western medicine catches up with the rest of the world, this useful essential oil will become more widely used.

Process of Extraction

Violet is a small perennial that is a part of the violaceae botanical family. It grows to about four to eight inches high. The plant has dark green leaves and bloom with small flowers in a variety of colors depending on the plant. The plant is native to Italy, France, England, Greece and China.

Violet essential oils are extracted by a process called solvent extraction, a process that involves placing the relevant part of the plant, in this case the dried flowers and leaves, in a closed vessel that contains an organic solvent which dissolves out the oils to produce an extract. The solvent and other mixtures are then removed to leave you with the final residue.

The therapeutic properties of an essential oil depend mainly on the chemical composition. The main chemical constitutes of violet essential oil include nonadienal, parmone, hexyl alcohol, bezyl alcohol, ionone, viola quercitin.

Powerful Benefits

Violet essential oils are an effective alternative natural pain relief to many over the counter medicines that so many overuse on a regular basis. It is an analgesic, expectorant and a decongestant, which makes it particularly helpful for any types of aches and pains.

Many arthritis sufferers have found pain relief by applying violet essential oil to the affected areas. In addition, it can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation when massaged into the painful area 3-4 times a day. The next time you have a sprain or painful bruise, try reaching for your bottle of natural oil rather than aspirin and give it a try.

In some types of headaches, this oil can also be useful to relieve the pain, especially if it is a sinus related headache. Simply place a few drops in an oil burner close to you and let the vapors work. If you do not have a burner, you can place a few drops in a pan of boiling water and inhale the steam. Using this method is also an excellent alternative to eucalyptus oil which some people find to be medicinal. Anytime you have a cold or any kind of stuffiness, this can provide a great deal of relief. The expectorant properties can also help bring up phlegm and help clear your lungs to help you get over your illness faster.

Safety Guidelines

Violet essential oil does not seem to produce any side effects, but like many essential oils, it is not recommended for use with pregnant women or children. Many essential oils may cause irritation or allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin so it is wise to do a patch test before using regularly.


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