Almond Essential Oil : Benefits and Precautions

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Almond is native to countries in the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East. Over the years its cultivation has spread to Africa, Europe and recently to the United States (California).

Almond essential oil is produced from sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It’s difficult to differentiate the two types of almonds by appearance. However, the bitter variety is a little shorter and broader than its counterpart. Although there isn’t much difference in appearance, they differ greatly in their properties.

Sweet Almond Essential Oil Benefits

Sweet almond oil, extracted from the dried kernels of the almond tree, is mostly used as a carrier oil to blend other essential oils which are beneficial to the hair and skin. The benefits are obtained from the high concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids.

Sweet almond oil works well as massage carrier oil on its own, but you could prolong its shelf life by blending and diluting it with 10 % of wheat germ oil.

Sweet almond oil is a wonderful moisturizer that’s non-greasy and spreads easily. It is suitable for use on any skin type. It helps relieve itching, inflammation and irritation of the skin. On top of that, the oil can also be used for the relief of muscular aches.

If you need your skin to have a natural complexion, sweet almond essential oil is what you should go for. Regular use will improve your complexion and make you look years younger.

Bitter Almond Essential Oil Benefits


Before we look at the health benefits of bitter almond essential oil, let it be known that it contains harmful poisons and must be put to use with great caution. Most of the benefits would be derived from using it externally. Should internal application be needed, it should be used in extremely low doses and that, too, should be undertaken with the advice of a qualified health practitioner.


Anyone suffering from frequent fevers would benefit from the use of bitter almond oil. The bitterness and toxicity of the oil effectively retards the growth of bacteria and virus responsible for infections. Doses should be very low and should be undertaken with the advice of a qualified health practitioner to prevent the absorption of its toxicity into the body.

Anesthetic Effect

Glycoside amygdalin, the toxic compound found in bitter almond oil, induces numbness. However, the oil should only be used externally as local anesthetic. Never under any occasion should it be used as total anesthetic by ingesting it.


Urination is one of the ways the body uses to expel toxic substances. Bitter almond oil if ingested in very low amount helps promote frequent urination, which puts the body in a relaxed state and helps in weight loss. The anesthetic and tranquilizing effects of the oil will also help bring down blood pressure. Again this should only be undertaken with the advice of a qualified health practitioner.


The toxic nature of bitter almond oil should always be kept in mind before using it. Whether it’s to be used internally or externally, it should be done with the advice of a qualified health practitioner.

Bitter almond oil should not be used on babies, the old and the seriously ill.

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