Benefits and Usage of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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Miracle Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is not just used to make yourself or your living area smell nice. It has a number of uses that ranges from aromatherapy to cleaning furniture. For an essential oil coming from the glands inside orange fruit rinds, sweet orange oil can be considered a miracle oil that is extremely useful in all areas of your life.

Therapeutic Uses

The main purpose of sweet orange oil is to provide a sweet fruity smell to a person’s body or an area inside a house. The scent of this essential oil has properties that can be considered anti-depressant. It is safe for you to apply it on your handkerchief or pieces of tissue. You can carry these around and take a sniff whenever you want to give yourself a nice mood change.

The essential oil can be ingested to relieve constipation and dyspepsia. This use of the essential oil as a tonic is also useful in relieving stress and nervous tension. Used in vapor therapy, it can help fight colds, stress, tension and the flu. When done to children, the therapy can help them fall asleep. If you mix sweet orange oil into your bath, it helps in the elimination of toxins and boosting the immune and lymphatic systems. For older people with mature skin, the essential oil can be blended with body lotions and applied to the skin to make it younger looking. It helps with acne and dermatitis, as well as in soothing irritation on dry skin.

Non-Therapeutic Uses

Aside from the therapeutic uses for the essential oil, it can also be sprayed on plants, furniture and even cracks around windows and doors to repel insects like bugs and flies. The d-limonene component of sweet orange essential oil makes this possible. With enough amounts of this essential oil, you can kill house pests like moths, worms and ants. Just put some of this essential oil on cotton balls and place them in areas of your house where you do not want pests to come.

The d-limonene component of sweet orange oil is also responsible for the oil’s ability to be effective kitchen cleaners and disinfectants. Add the oil to a mixture of water, baking soda and liquid soap and you will have an effective kitchen cleaner that makes everything smell nice. Because of its cleaning and pest repellent properties, sweet orange essential oil is perfect for protecting wood furniture.

Risks and Side Effects

There is only one risk in using sweet orange essential oil and that is it can cause photosensitivity. If you are going out into direct sunlight for long periods of time, do not apply the essential oil to your skin as it will cause skin conditions like rashes, boils and other types of irritation. Other than this risk to the skin, there are no other known side effects or risks in using this essential oil. It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant.

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