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Does Healing Clay Help Swollen Feet?

written by: Sarah Arnette • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 6/27/2011

Swollen feet is a painful condition that many people live with. Healing clay for swollen feet can provide relief for many of these people, including diabetics and pregnant women.

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    Swollen Feet

    There are many reasons that a person would experience swollen feet. The primary reason is that a person has been on their feet for extended periods of time with limited time to sit or raise their feet. This causes the blood and fluids in the body to pool towards the feet. This is especially true if a person has poor circulation or is over-weight, although it can occur in anyone. People who have diabetes and who are pregnant are more prone to swollen feet than others. These conditions can be exasperated if the individual is in hot and humid conditions or if the shoes are not a proper fit. For these people, a healing clay for swollen feet can help to reduce medical costs and increase treatment options.

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    Dangers of Swollen Feet

    Swollen feet are painful. The foot does not fit in shoes properly causing the shoes to pinch or requiring the individual to remove them and trod barefoot. This can cause blisters and bunions if the condition is allowed to persist. There is the possibility for the skin to tear slightly with excessively swollen feet. This can cause small cuts or stretch marks. Lymphodemia can also be triggered by chronic swollen feet. This is when the fluids in the body remain in the lower sections of the body causing a swelling of the body part. This can even extend up through the legs and is very painful and potentially disabling. Treating swollen feet is more than a matter of comfort, it is a matter of health. Healing clay for swollen feet can help to ensure that comfort and good health go hand in hand.

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    Bentonite Clay for Swollen Feet

    Bentonite clay is a purifying clay that is thought to provide relief for swollen feet. This clay is applied as part of a compress and the natural minerals in the clay help to reduce swelling, correct broken blood vessels and reduce inflammation. This clay is purified before being placed on the body. This helps to prevent the person from being infected by any bacteria that may be in the dirt. This is an essential process because most people have some type of cut or blister on their feet that can allow access to the body for the bacteria. To use this clay, reconstitute it in cool water. Once it is a pasty form, apply it to the swollen feet and apply a light cloth compress. Allow the foot to sit, unused and in a raised position, for a while. Once the dirt has dried for the most part, carefully remove the compress and wash away the dirt. Do not use the clay more than once.

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    All Natural

    Most of the bentonite clay for swollen feet is 100% all natural. This is an eco-friendly method of reducing swelling in the feet and other foot problems. This clay is also unlikely to cause allergic reactions or sensitivities due to its all natural properties. Before using it, test it on a small part of the person's skin and let it sit for a while to determine if the individual is sensitive to the clay. If there is any redness or irritation, remove the clay and find something else to remove the swelling.

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