Easy-To-Follow Liniment Recipe for Sore Muscles

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Sore muscles and joint aches are not only the complaints of those who engage in intense physical activity like sportsmen. The ordinary person who had a long and uncomfortable journey, who had slept on a bad bed or simply lifted something heavy complains of aches, too.

While there are many solutions to this problem especially in the form of analgesic cream and such, you may not have found much success with these solutions. If that’s so, you may want to try a liniment recipe for sore muscles, especially if you have time on your hands.

Camphorated Oil

This is a liniment that offers relief for muscular aches. It’s also makes an excellent chest rub for colds. So, how do you go about preparing camphorated oil?

Here’s the liniment recipe for sore muscles. The most important ingredient you would need is camphor. Camphor can be obtained from the neighborhood drugstore. They are usually sold in blocks. Other items you would need for the preparation of this liniment are menthol crystals and mineral oil or olive oil.


Shave a block of camphor block into a glass or earthenware bowl. Done with that, add an ounce of menthol crystals to it. The camphor and menthol crystals will melt to a liquid. When melting is complete, add a pint of mineral oil or olive oil to the mixture. Shake well. You now have a liniment which is ready for use for sore muscles.

Camphorated oil provides effective relief for arthritis, rheumatism and pulled muscles apart from chest colds, as has been mentioned earlier.

Please bear in mind that camphorated oil should not be consumed internally. It’s meant for external applications. Rub it on affected areas and gently wrap the areas with a few layers of flannel to trap the liniment’s heat, especially in cases of arthritis.

Jethro Kloss’s Liniment

This liniment is named after Dr Jethro Kloss a famous herbal medicine practitioner. It’s very effective in alleviating muscle inflammation and aches. It has also antiseptic properties and like most liniments is warming and stimulating and promotes blood circulation in affected areas, especially in cases of sore back muscles.

Here’s the liniment recipe for sore muscles:

  • an ounce of Echinacea powder.
  • an ounce of goldenseal powder. If you can’t get hold of it, chaparral or Oregon grape root would be an excellent substitute.
  • an ounce of myrrh powder.
  • quarter ounce of cayenne powder.
  • a pint of rubbing alcohol.


Place the above ingredients in a pint jar. Put the powdered items in the jar first before adding the rubbing alcohol in. Make sure the level of alcohol is at least 2 inches above the powdered mixture.

Stir well and place a lid over the jar. Leave the mixture to set for at least four weeks in a warm place. The next step would be to strain the mixture and pour into a dark glass bottle. A spray bottle would be more convenient as you could easily spray the liniment on to body areas with sore muscles.

The liniment should only be used externally. Stick a `For External Use Only’ label on the bottle.


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