Natural Lip Balms Vs. Chemical Lip Balms

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All Natural Lip Balm Vs. Chemical Based Lip Balm

As the world becomes “greener” there is a push for natural products. This is especially true in the make-up industry. With companies such as Bert’s Bees pioneering the natural themes, there are now all natural products from many different companies. Natural lip balms are the primary all natural product produced by many of these companies and corporations. The effectiveness of natural lip balm compared to the more traditional chemical lip balm is often in contention, with proud supporters on both sides of the argument.


Natural lip balms are often made from a bee’s wax or other natural wax base. The wax is then flavored with essential oils from a natural source, such as peppermint flavoring from true peppermint plants. Natural lip balms are not typically colored, but if they are colored, it is with natural minerals, rather than chemical dyes. Natural colors may also be used from plant sources. There is no medication in natural lip balm.

Chemical based lip balms often have a wax that has been processed and created in a manufacturing plant. This wax may, or may not, have a basis in natural wax, depending upon the balm. The flavoring of the wax is done through the use of artificial flavor agents and the color is from dyes injected into the wax. These dyes may include yellow 5 and red 5, either of which are natural. Chemical based lip balms may also include medication to help treat a lip condition such as chapped lips or cold sores.


Natural lip balms often work with the body, acting as a moisturizer and a seal against moisture loss. Chemical based lip balms work in this manner as well, but do so using the chemicals and allowing chemicals to be absorbed into the skin. Natural lip balms do not have these chemicals, so the moisture being deposited is water and the wax acts as a sealant. Chemical lip balms can cause an addiction, resulting in dry and chapped lips once treatments are discontinued, where natural lip balms do not often have these results.


While in many respects, the natural lip balm is better than the chemical filled lip balm, for some people, the switching of lip balms can cause problems for their skin and lips. In addition, those with lip conditions that include excessive dryness and cold sores may not be able to find effective treatment in all natural lip balms. This could lead to problems if they are to switch from a chemical lip balm to an all natural lip balm.


When choosing a lip balm, it is important to look for several features. First, be sure that none of the ingredients in the balm are allergens for you. Second, check the features of the balm and verify it is what you want, be it sunscreen, medicated or all natural. Third, see if it is tested on animals. If it is not tested on animals, it should state it.



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