Learn about the Different Causes and Remedies for Puffy Eyes

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Puffy Eyes

Before we move on to the remedies for puffy eyes, it is important to understand why and how eye puffiness occurs. Since prevention is better than cure, it would be a great help to avoid the factors that may cause it or will make it worst.

Understanding the Causes of Eye Puffiness

External environmental factors that cause eye puffiness include exposure to smoke, sun and other environmental pollutants that can cause deterioration of the elastic fibers and breakdown of skin’s collagen network. Prolong exposure to sunlight can cause free radical damage that is caused by the ultraviolet rays which contribute to the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Signs of damage are often manifested under the area of the eyes showing an older and a much stressed appearance.

The natural process of aging is one of the major internal causes why eye puffiness occurs. As we age, the supportive layers under the eyes break down causing dark shadowy eyebags and inefficient fluid transportation via the capillaries within the skin also causes fluid retention around the eyes, thus resulting in puffiness of the eyes. Other causes include dust, allergens and irritants that can cause the eyes to swell and can be worsen by rubbing.

Treating Eye Puffiness Naturally

There are many remedies for puffy eyes that are proven to be naturally effective. Here are a few tips you can follow at home:

  • Prolong exposure to sunlight dilates blood vessels surrounding the eye area producing a puffy look. If this happens, washing your face with cold water can lessen the puffiness since cold can cause blood vessels to constrict.
  • Sleeping regularly is the necessary prevention and cure for eye puffiness caused by stress, crying and tiredness.
  • When choosing eye creams, make sure that it contains vitamin E, a lipid-soluble antioxidant that can fight skin problems around the eye caused by sun damage; and aloe vera extract that is known for its healing, moisturizing and cooling effects.
  • Placing cucumber or potato slices on top of the eyes is one of the most popular remedies for puffy eyes because it has a cooling action to constrict blood vessels and a soothing agent that can relax eye muscles.
  • You can also reduce puffiness by placing two spoons in the refrigerator. After it chills, place the curving back of each spoon on top of your closed eyes until the coolness wears off. Applying a cold compress such as a cloth dipped in cold water or ice covered with another cloth will bring the same results.
  • Salt is sodium and sodium attracts water. Excessive intake of salt can cause water retention or accumulation of fluids around the orbit of the eyes resulting in puffiness. To prevent this, limit your salt intake and drink eight to ten glasses of water everyday to cleanse your body system.
  • You can also reduce your eye puffiness by applying beaten egg whites with five drops of witch hazel on the puffy areas. This would also facilitate in firming the applied skin area.

Eye Puffiness Can Be Alarming

The mentioned home remedies above are expected to have positive effects in reducing the visibility of puffy eyes. If eye puffiness is continuously enlarging or is accompanied with other signs and symptoms, you must seek your doctor’s advice right away since eye puffiness can also be associated with underlying health conditions such as allergies, kidney disorders and thyroid problems.



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