Shark Cartilage Therapy: What is it and What is it used for?

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Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is found as a natural food supplement. Shark cartilage therapy involves the use of this supplement. The supplement is made from the connective tissue found in shark heads and fins. After this cartilage is collected, it’s then ground into a very fine powder and processed into capsules. The capsules can be taken by mouth or there is an enema form. Many people prefer the enema form because the capsules taken by mouth usually have an unappealing taste.

Shark Cartilage Therapy

This form of therapy is often used to stop the spread of cancer cells because it’s known as anti-angiogenesis. The therapy works by eliminating the cancer’s ability to create new blood vessels, allowing the cancer to spread. While this therapy is believed to be effective, it’s not yet approved by the FDA.

This is a unique form of therapy because the treatment does not target the cancerous tumor. Instead, the therapy focuses on reducing the nourishment of the tumor by eliminating its blood supply. By reducing the blood vessels to the tumor, the tumor basically starves from the lack of nourishment.

Although many people claim cartilage therapy is very beneficial to the treatment of cancer, the FDA does not agree. In 2004, the FDA released a statement saying cartilage therapy is not a cure for cancer and any consumers that purchased products stating it was a cure must be refunded. The FDA stopped the advertisement of shark cartilage products as a cure for cancer at that time as well.

Side Effects

Despite the FDA’s statement, many people still choose to use the therapy along with their cancer treatment. The use of this natural therapy is known to produce many side effects. The most common side effects include nausea, vomiting and stomach cramping. It has also been shown to cause constipation.

General weakness can also occur. It has been reported it may increase calcium levels in the blood, as well as increase blood sugar levels. It has also been shown to cause a reduction in blood pressure.

Current Studies

The FDA is currently studying a new drug known as Neovastat. It is an extremely purified extract from the cartilage of sharks. This drug is not yet available to the public as it continues to undergo extensive studies. However, it is believed this new drug may be more beneficial to the body because it comes in a liquid form and is more easily excreted.


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