Tocotrienols: Learn The Facts About This Amazing Nutritional Supplement

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The Benefits of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are a very rich, newly discovered source of vitamin E and also a good source of the B vitamins. Tocotrienols support the adrenal glands as well as the pituitary glands. This is a fairly new discovery and the experts claim that tocotrienols are 40 to 60 times more potent than the more well known form of vitamin E, tocopherols. Tocotrienols are a class of the tocopherols that were unknown until recently. At present time there are four named tocotrienols which are alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

This particular nutrient improves skin and hair quality. It contains the vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for optimal health. It is a potent source of antioxidants which protect the cells from free radical damage.

The Importance of Vitamin E

Vitamin E’s primary function is that of an antioxidant. Some of the results of a vitamin E deficiency include acne, anemia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, muscular dystrophy, gallstones, certain cancers, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Sufficient levels of vitamin E can protect against heart disease, viral infections, cancer, strokes, and fibrocystic breast disease. Mixed tocopherols were formerly the best known source of vitamin E, but new research suggest that the benefits of tocotrienols outweigh those of the former healthy versions of the vitamin.

Food Sources of Vitamin E

Foods rich in vitamin E include mustard greens, almonds, sunflower seeds, chard, turnip greens, spinach, olives, papaya, collard greens, and blueberries. In general, grains, seeds and nuts all provide a good source of vitamin E as well.

How to Take Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols come in a powdered form. A reputable and affordable source of this powder is Raw Vegan Source. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, raw food nutrition expert, a good amount to take is 1 - 2 tablespoons per day. Tocotrienols are a great addition to any fruit smoothie or even a daily green smoothie. They offer a creamy consistency and very little taste.