Heat Therapy: Learn the Benefits of Parrafin Wax Therapy and Find Out How Paraffin Wax Treatment Can Ease Pain and Discomfort

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Multiple forms of heat therapy are often used to treat and rehabilitate many medical conditions. One form of heat therapy is paraffin wax therapy. Parrafin therapy produces therapeutic results for many common alignments. This therapy can be used to treat muscle and joint pain.

Origins of Paraffin Wax

The use of wax therapy dates back to ancient Rome. The Romans used paraffin wax treatment for massage therapy. It was later transformed by the French to speed the healing of wounds by sealing the wounds in wax. During WWI, wax therapy was used by the British for orthopedic disorders. Now, paraffin wax therapy is used to treat a number of common health conditions.

Benefits of Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin therapy is now commonly used to treat many common conditions. Muscle spasms benefit from paraffin wax treatment. Overworked and fatigued muscles are often treated using this form of therapy as well for the positive results.

Paraffin wax treatment benefits the skeletal system as well. Arthritis is one condition that benefits from these treatments. Joint pain, joint stiffness and joint inflammation can be treated using the wax therapy.

Other conditions this treatment benefits includes tennis elbow, tendonitis and scar tissue. Bursitis and fibromyalgia have shown to improve with use of this treatment. Fibrositis and psoriasis benefit from it as well.

Use of Paraffin Therapy

This form of heat therapy is commonly used to treat many athletic injuries and other medical conditions that can benefit from heat treatments. Paraffin therapy moisturizes and soothes the skin, as well as improves circulation throughout the body. This treatment is very calming and produces little side effects.

Paraffin therapy is conducted by applying warm wax to an affected area on the body that needs to be treated. The warm wax sits on the body, trapping in moisture while reducing swelling and pain. After a short period of time, the wax is removed leaving the body to feel the benefits of the treatment.

Paraffin wax is hypoallergenic and does not pose much risk. The wax is often boiled for sanitation and then cooled to form an oil like substance. This form of treatment is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, such as varicose veins, hypertension and diabetes.


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