Child and Mom Run from Chemotherapy Treatments: Dangers of Coming in Contact with Chemotherapy Drugs

Child and Mom Run from Chemotherapy Treatments: Dangers of Coming in Contact with Chemotherapy Drugs
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After only completing one round of chemotherapy, his mother refused to return to complete the recommended treatment stating that the dangers of coming in contact with chemotherapy drugs were too risky. Hauser’s mother opted to follow an alternative treatment plan including natural remedies such as herbs, vitamins and water. The team of physicians treating Hauser reported medical neglect to family services and a judge ruled that the child was medically neglected.


Daniel has stated that he believes the chemotherapy treatment will kill him and went so far as to flee to Mexico to avoid undergoing a court ordered treatment. Testimony presented in court stated that Hauser’s tumor decreased in size after completed his first round of chemotherapy. Since that time, because the treatments did not continue as scheduled, the tumor continued to grow.

The physicians evaluating Daniel stated that his chances of surviving without undergoing treatment for his Hodgkin’s are very slim. Studies indicate that patient’s such as Hauser have a 90 percent chance of curing the cancer with the recommended chemotherapy treatment. While Daniel and his family believe that the chemotherapy is making him ill, physicians testified that his symptoms have worsened as a result of his cancer rather than as a result of one course of chemo treatment. Chemotherapy is the most commonly prescribed method of treatment for Daniel’s type of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Alternative Treatments

Daniel Hauser’s mother divulged that they want to avoid conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation conflict with their family’s beliefs as members of the Nemenhah American Indian group. This group is led by Philip Cloudpiler Landis, a self-proclaimed naturopath. Naturopathy is the method of treating diseases with natural or herbal remedies rather than more conventional methods. These types of treatments may include taking various herbal extracts, incorporating changes in diet, undergoing massages and taking various combinations of vitamins.

While there are a variety of alternative cancer treatments, it is unsure which methods work best with the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from which Daniel suffers. Alternative treatments range from participating in yoga to taking certain enzymes. Any combination of these treatments may help to alleviate some of Daniel’s pain, discomfort or other side effects, but not enough studies have been conducted proving whether they work to reduce the size of or eradicate the tumor.


While it was initially believed that the Hauser’s may lose custody of Daniel due to the ruling of neglect, Daniel was allowed to stay with his parents as long as they agreed that Daniel’s recovery is dependent upon his the recommended chemotherapy regimen. Daniel Hauser back for treatment after this ruling. Daniel’s mother stated that she does indeed agree that chemotherapy is the best treatment for curing her son and will support the chemotherapy session. As a result of this decision, Daniel Hauser is back for treatment and has commenced the recommended six treatment chemotherapy sessions to treat and hopefully eradicate his tumor. The court ordered treatment will be conducted in conjunction with a more natural treatment regimen to be approved and found safe by Daniel’s oncologist.


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