The Benefits of Autogenic Training: Find Out How to Improve Your Health Using the Benefits of Autogenic Training

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Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a method of teaching your body to relax and control your body functions such as breathing, heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure on your command. This therapy was created by a German neurologist and psychologist named Johannes Schultz. This training is very similar to yoga in that it produces a state of relaxation much like meditation. The simple training exercises can be learned in eight to ten weeks of practicing the method of using specific phrases in a particular order to bring on total relaxation through your entire body.

The Benefits of Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is an extremely beneficial therapy to learn since it is a self help technique and therefore there is no expense involved and it is a proven stress reliever which makes it great for your overall health. In addition, autogenic training has been recommended to treat anxiety, insomnia, pain management, asthma, stomach disorders, high or low blood pressure and thyroid problems. Autogenic training is safe but should not be practiced by someone with depression unless supervised by a physician as it may not be good for them to become that internalized.

Learning Autogenic Training

When you begin to learn autogenic training, the key is to consistently practice the techniques and phrases until it becomes second nature to you. Later, you can add more specific phrases to address physical issues you may have. The six main exercises that you will learn will make your body feel warm, heavy and relaxed. They open up the communication between your body and your mind to allow you to influence your body’s functions.

To begin the exercises, start in a quiet room with no distractions, lying in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and silently say the following six statements in order for up to 15 minutes. You should practice this at least three times a day at first until you can easily progress through them all whenever you need to.

The Sequence of Statements

  1. My body is very heavy.
  2. I am very warm.
  3. My heartbeat is calm and regular.
  4. My breathing is calm and regular.
  5. My abdomen is warm and relaxed
  6. My forehead is cool and clear.

End each session by taking a couple of deep breaths, forming a fist with both hands and bringing your arms in to your chest


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