Benefits and Drawbacks of Chelation Therapy

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Chelation (ke-LA’shun) therapy is a controversial method, but why? Let’s explore the reasons for use, the benefits as well as the drawbacks to this alternative medicine practice.

The Benefits of Chelation Therapy

The reason chelation therapy is used is because the chelating agents taken in by the body actually bind themselves to the toxins, metals, etc. and remove them. They are then expelled through the body.

“Chelation therapy is a mainstream treatment that is used to treat heavy metal poisoning. However, this term is also used to promote a type of alternative therapy that is supposed to treat heart disease, cancer, and other conditions.” -American Cancer Society (website)

The Reported Downside to Chelation Therapy

One of the more common problems that can arise when chelation therapy is used is the fact that it depletes nutrients like essential vitamins from the body as well as the metals. We take vitamins and eat vitamin rich foods because if we lack in certain vitamins or minerals we can develop severe health problems.

But, there are more serious problems that occur. Some deaths in children and adults have been reported due to failed chelation therapy procedures.

“EDTA can also cause bone marrow depression, shock, low blood pressure (hypotension), convulsions, disturbances of regular heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmias), allergic-type reactions and respiratory arrest. In fact, a number of deaths in the United States have been linked with chelation therapy. Also, some people are on dialysis because of kidney failure caused, at least in part, by chelation therapy.” -The American Heart Association (website)

Is Chelation Therapy Right for You?

This is something that should definitely be talked over with your doctor. You need to discuss with your primary care physician any previous problems or health concerns and treatments you may have had in the past. For instance those that have had liver or kidney problems should not use chelation therapy. Patients with weak hearts or immune deficiency issues should steer clear from chelation therapy as well.

Although there are reports that say chelation therapy can do the job intended there are many people that are speaking out in opposition to it as well. This is a procedure that should be taken very seriously and should be discussed with a health care professional before a decision is made.


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