All Natural Treatment and Prevention of Dandruff

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My grandmother used to say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. She was so right. It’s a lot easier to stop certain physical problems from occurring than it is to get rid of them or cure it once we have it. This is true with dandruff. There are many causes that trigger outbreaks of dandruff. If you know what to avoid you’ll be boasting luxurious locks every day.

Get to Know Common Triggers

There are a few major contributors to dandruff. Get to know what they are and how to avoid them and you can avoid flare ups.

1. Hair Styling Products

Many hair styling products that we use everyday contain alcohol that can dry up the scalp and result in dandruff. Gels, hair sprays and other products that have alcohol should be avoided. Check labels and look for products with all natural ingredients. With the increased awareness of toxins in personal care products the demand for organic, all products is on the rise and companies are responding. But just because it says “organic” or “all natural” doesn’t mean its so, read the labels. Know what ingredients to avoid and what to use. My rule is if I can’t read it I won’t use it.

2. Blow Drying

We all use a blow dryer almost daily, but it can wreak havoc on your scalp. Avoid blow drying if you can but if you do use low settings and keep the dryer 8-10 inches away from your head.

3. Hot Showers

They can be so relaxing but when it comes to dandruff hot water strips the oils from your hair and can cause unsightly flakes. Rinse with cool water and use conditioner for this one.

4. Sugar

It tastes great if you have a sweet tooth but it’s not so good for your body or hair. Sugar is a well known culprit of flakes. Avoid not just food that’s obviously sugary but also read labels, look for and avoid corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, lactose, maltose and sorghum.

5. Products with yeast

Some types of dandruff can be the result of an imbalance of yeast. Reducing your intake of yeast products can help; baked goods, beer, wine and alcohol consumption should be lessened.

5 All Natural Remedies for Dandruff

So you’re working hard to avoid the triggers of dandruff but those unattractive flakes are still showing up on your head, what do you do? Of course you can opt for dandruff shampoos loaded with chemicals but before you do there are a few tried and true all natural treatments worth a try.

These treatments are healthy, all natural and affordable. For many you’ll have to go no further than your kitchen.

1. Aloe vera gel is an ancient beauty remedy used for centuries. Try applying a small amount (enough to cover the scalp) to your head and leave on overnight.

2. Australian tea tree oil helps to rid your scalp of itchy flakes. Mix one teaspoon with pure water in a spritzer bottle; spray on and leave it for several hours; then shampoo.

3. Black tea won’t just wake you up; it’s also a great hair rinse. Brew a strong cup and use as a rinse alone or to rinse out your shampoo. Beware this tea is dark and can give your hair a tint (blonde and redheads).

4. Apple cider vinegar isn’t just for cooking! Mix two tablespoons with two cups of hot water. Massage into the scalp or use a rinse. The vinegar smell goes away quickly.

5. Vitamin E oil works great when rubbed into the scalp. Let sit for a few hours and rinse with cool water. You can use caplets you may already have, just squeeze out and massage onto the scalp.

Dandruff can be an embarrassing, unwanted problem for many people. Knowing what to avoid and then utilizing all natural treatments can get you on the road to flake free hair for life!


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