What is Detox Bath and What Are Its Benefits?

De-Toxify Today to Get Rid of Toxins!

Everyday we take in a variety of toxins just by working, commuting, eating and drinking. The effects of toxins are mirrored in our looks and actions. Our skin gets dull, we experience stress, irritability and become more pessimistic. Those tired puffy eyes and lifeless hairs are all due to toxins.

Detoxification rejuvenates, recharges and restores your body and mind. A detox bath therapy helps to cleanse your body from toxins and makes you bubble up with freshness.

Detox Bath Revealed:

Louis Kuhne, a naturopath from Leipzig Germany initiated the concept of detox way back in 1883. He stressed on the fact that diseases are caused because various toxins get accumulated in the human body. The detox bath concept owes to Kuhne who devised a simple healing solution called friction sitz bath in the late 19th century. With this simple healing method, Kuhne healed many common and uncommon ailments which had been pronounced as “incurable” by traditional medicine.

According to Kuhne, internal body heat is generated by stress, digestion, shock, or movement. This leads to toxins and excess fats being deposited in the periphery of the body. Therefore, these toxins cannot be eliminated. The principle of detox bath is to cool down the core area of the body, (the groin and genitals) by applying cold water daily for more than 10 minutes. This process creates a vibration in the interconnecting tissue covering all internal organs, also called as fascia. The vibration process of the fascia accelerates elimination of excess fats and toxins.

Detox baths rejuvenate energy levels and helps to have a healthy and toned body. It also helps in efficient digestion and relaxing sleep.

How to have a refreshing Detox Bath:

A wonderful detox bath helps to draw toxins out of the body. The best way is to mix some Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate, glycerin and essential oils in water for a refreshing effect. Essential oils like lavender or ylang ylang can be a great assist in the detoxification process. According to experts adding 2 (16 lbs) cups of Epsom salts in a tub of water does the trick. Alternatively, an equal amount of baking salts or sea salts can also be mixed with water in some proportions for reducing swelling and muscle pain.

  • After mixing all the ingredients, soak in your Epsom bath for about 10-20 minutes. This will certainly eliminate all the excess fat and toxins and maintain a healthy body.
  • This technique is a widely used detox therapy in the global alternative health care technology.
  • You can also make your own exfoliating scrub by mixing olive oil with a handful of salts. A gentle rub over the rough areas of the body will certainly wash off any harmful toxins out.


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