Natural Stones for Healthcare

Natural Stones for Healthcare
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How Natural Stones Heal

Many people use natural stones for healthcare because it helps them feel balanced, protected, and well. Many stones are believed to have a healing effect on the human body because each stone has its own energy field and color that coordinates with a different part of your body. When a specific stone is placed in an area of your body that is unwell, it changes your vibrations and aligns your body’s energy centers.

Healing stones can be utilized in all three of its formations; rough, polished or as jewelry. Rough stones are in the most natural state, as if they were just mined directly from the rock. The surface is coarse and irregular, and they contain the greatest amount of healing power. These stones are best used by placing directly on your body. Polished stones are tumbled with sand and water, and have a smooth, rounded surface. They can be held, rubbed, or placed directly on your body. Natural healing stones are also frequently made into jewelry. This type of jewelry can be created for a specific health reason, or to generate harmonious vibrations for prosperity, recovery, love, peace and other positive intentions. The precious metals, patterns, and designs used in jewelry can enhance the effects of healings stones. Birthstones are one example of jewelry that can be used for healing.

Colors of Natural Healing Stones

The colors of natural stones are the most distinct and obvious way to determine each stone’s specific healing capabilities. The various colors posses not only different vibrations, but are also associated with the seven chakra areas on your body. The chakras are centers of energy vertically aligned on specific points of your body close to your spine. It is believed that a proper balance of the chakras leads to good health and an imbalance may be the cause of illness. The placement and position of stones is important to the medicinal process and the healing effect is enhanced when stones are placed on the specific chakra areas of your body.

Red (Root Chakra): Stones include onyx, garnet, ruby, bloodstone and hematite. Red stones treat blood disorders, anemia, boost immune system, increases fertility and help with menstrual problems. Place the stones at the base of your spine to energize this chakra.

Orange (Naval Chakra): Examples of orange stones are carnelian, fire opal, sunstone and orange calcite. These stones fight fatigue, increase mental alertness, relieve bladder and kidney problems, and help with eating disorders. These stones are to be placed just below your navel.

Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra): Examples of yellow stones are amber, topaz, and tiger’s eye. These stones stimulate the nervous system, aid digestion, treat constipation, and help skin disorders, such as eczema. Position yellow stones in the center of your stomach.

Green/Pink (Heart Chakra): Stones include emerald, jade, moss agate, rose quartz and kunzite. They help fight panic attacks, addiction, infection and viruses, and strengthen the respiratory system. Put these stones in the middle of your chest, even with your heart.

Blue (Throat Chakra): Examples of blue stones are aquamarine, turquoise, and lapis lazuli. These stones treat sore throats, fever, earaches, high blood pressure and laryngitis. Place them on your lower neck at the base of your throat.

Indigo (Brow or Third Eye Chakra): Stones include sapphire, iolite, azurite. Indigo and dark blue stones help alleviate mental disorders, depression, learning disabilities and anxiety. These stones are to be placed in the middle of your forehead.

Violet (Crown Chakra): Stones include clear quartz, amethyst, and oregon opal. Violet stones can help in healing depression, insomnia, headaches, and sensitivity to light and sound. Position these stones at the top of your head.

Using stones for healthcare is a natural way to align the energy and vibrations in your body to achieve a sense of balance and contentment with life. When you are not feeling well, take a moment to slow down, rest and let the energy of the stones channel your body’s natural rhythms to help you heal.


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