Understanding the Healing Properties of Gemstones A-L

Understanding the Healing Properties of Gemstones A-L
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The healing properties of gemstones are due to the energy vibrations which exist within the stones. This energy is emitted and then utilized for different forms of healing. Some gemstones are used for healing specific illnesses, others are used for balance, and others, for expanding awareness. They are capable of both giving and absorbing energy with their own positive or negative vibrations.

To activate these elements, they can be placed on the body, worn as jewelry, or the healing gemstones can be infused into water. Water has its own subtle energy, as discovered by a series of studies done in the 1960’s. Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University in Montreal, found that water can be ‘charged’ with subtle energies, and then used as a medium. The concept is similar to infusing the healing properties of herbs in hot water to make herbal tea, although the beneficial properties of gemstones work on the subtle energy level. Simply place the gemstone in a glass of water, and leave overnight, or place in direct sunlight in the early morning hours. Then drink the water as a tonic.

List of Healing Gemstones A-L

Agate This stone is in the class of the trigonal system of crystals, which emit neither negative or positive energy, but balanced energy. Agate is used for children, to both protect them from fear, and to give young children balance when learning to walk. It is also known to help with spiritual awakening.

Amethyst This purple, blue, or violet stone also possesses the balancing power of a trigonal crystal. The healing properties of amethyst include harmonizing the emotions, helping to balance both brain energy and subtle energies; and, encouraging dignity, compassion, and hope.

Beryl Beryl is either a yellow, green, or blue stone. It can be used to enhance one’s position in society, magnifying power, prestige, and intelligence.

Bloodstone This is another trigonal crystal. Its specific balancing effect is on the chakras — when used by a trained healer, bloodstone can align the chakras as well as other higher energy systems. On a more approachable level, bloodstone is a blood purifier. It is useful in treating anemia, as well as disorders related to the liver and spleen.

Diamond As a healing gemstone, diamonds contain all the elements — ether, air, fire, water, and earth. They provide subtle healing vibrations for the heart, the brain, and deep body tissue. The diamond is known as a heart tonic, with strong rejuvenating properties. It is known to encourage prosperity and close relationships.

Garnet Garnet is a silicate gemstone, which can come in a variety of colors. It’s structure is cubic, and so its healing properties are on a

lapis lazuli

fundamental, grounded, physical level. It is helpful in overcoming earthly issues. On a physical level, the vibrational energy of garnet helps to repair tissue at the cellular level.

Lapis Lazuli This stone is considered a heavenly, or sacred stone. It strengthens the body, the mind, and consciousness, and increases sensitivity to higher dimensional vibrations. Lapis lazuli also is used to treat eye problems and to strengthen the eyes in general.

There are literally hundreds of gemstones for healing; this list is simply a sample of the potentials and possibilities of vibrational well-being via the form and energy of crystals. Try the benefits of gemstone healing yourself simply by wearing gemstone jewelry or keeping a stone in your pocket or room. Always be sure to cleanse your stones before use!


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