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Tweet the Pounds Away

written by: Marina Hanes • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 6/28/2011

Are you on Twitter yet? Well, it's time to catch up with the rest of the world. Twitter isn't just for social networking, it can also help you lose weight. By following certain feeds, you can learn valuable tips and gain some much needed support and encouragement from others.

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    Twitter: Weight Loss Tool

    Twitter is basically a way to send text messages to the world. Everyone has the ability to see your tweets unless you block them, and you can even send direct messages to those you choose to follow you. You can let people know what you did today or direct them to a helpful article. There are so many ways to use Twitter, but the main purpose behind it is communicating with others. So how can you use this tool to drop those extra pounds you have been meaning to?

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    Twitter Support

    When you’re in the process of losing weight, it’s a battle between you and yourself. At the end of the day, you’re the person who gives your body permission to eat that donut or chocolate. Although your family and friends can provide much needed support, sometimes this is not true for everyone. Plus, when you hear that you’re strong and beautiful from someone else you isn’t your family, it can be more meaningful, because you know that they didn’t have to say it. Also, you can search and find other people on Twitter who are trying to climb the same mountain.

    People’s direct tweets to you can be inspirational, but you can also follow a Twitter feed that provides weight loss tips, exercise goals and other helpful information such as articles, television shows, etc. If you need to focus on your stomach or thighs, you will probably be able to find exercises that target these areas. Also, sometimes simply reading an article with statistics and facts on how extra weight can negatively affect your health can give you the extra push you need to watch the food you eat and be more active.

    Some feeds you might want to check out include Twit2fit, Shedheads and Chaotic_barb, but there are plenty others to peruse. If you prefer a certain activity for exercise such as yoga, pilates or kickboxing, search these terms too. Before you know it, you will be tweeting like the best of them and enjoying monthly weight loss Twitter parties.

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    Daily Tweets

    You can tweet whenever you feel necessary. Maybe you’re having a good day with food and have eaten the healthiest and lowest calorie breakfast, lunch and dinner ever, then tell all of your followers. You can even let off some steam when your day isn’t going so great. Tweeting every day can be like keeping an online food diary. Your experience might also encourage others to face their goals head on.

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