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Psychoanalysis vs. Hypnotherapy

written by: MandaSpring • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 6/28/2011

Most people assume that hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis is the same thing. Learn more about these two concepts and who can benefits from them. This comprehensive overview sheds some light on hypnotherapy versus psychoanalysis.

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    We live in a society that is becoming receptive to alternative therapy options instead of more expensive short term treatments. There are several conditions that seem to plague a number of people and are growing as common problems. These issues have to do with the mental and emotional areas of a person. So when should a person seek psychoanalysis? When should a person decide that hypnotism is the right answer to help with their mental or emotional disorders? Then the biggest question, what’s the difference between hypnotherapy versus psychoanalysis? Here is an in depth overview of each of the terms and how each may be able to help.

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    Psychoanalysis Explanation

    Psychoanalysis is a study of the psychological functioning of a human being. There are three separate applications of psychoanalysis: in depth study of the mind, behavior and mental or emotional illnesses. In order to effectively study and understand a person, time has to be invested during sessions where the mind is probed with questions, interactions and observation. This investigation helps to understand certain behavioral reasoning and mental or emotional problems.

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    Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have long been interchangeable. Efforts are being made to distinguish them to a certain extent. Although many pay no attention to the different terms, the majority in the field are still making the distinction. Hypnosis is the act of hypnotizing a subject and hypnotherapy is the term used to describe the follow up sessions of the hypnosis. They are still both intertwined with each other but each has their own meaning.

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    Hypnotherapy versus Psychoanalysis

    After reading the above definitions of each term it is pretty clear as to the difference between hypnotherapy versus psychoanalysis. A lot of people are not aware of the contrasting meanings and blindly go out into the world seeking one or the other without a clear understanding of what it is they need.

    Both of these options can be highly beneficial. If a problem runs deep mentally or emotionally then that person should seek psychoanalysis. Once the issues have been identified, hypnotism and hypnotherapy can then be used to correct and control the problematic behavior or disorder. A word of advice, always check credentials and status of the analyst and therapist for getting treatment.

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