Take Care of Yourself First: Learn How Important it is to Take Care of Yourself First

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The Nurturers

Women are well know nurturers and it is even more true today than ever before. Women that took jobs and began careers years ago to fight for equal rights and choices are now finding themselves overburdened and exhausted by working full time jobs while maintaining the biggest portion of the household and child care duties. These same women are now being forced to continue working to manage paying the day to day family bills because one income families can barely make it these days.

Now these women are getting older, have full time jobs, husbands, children, pets, elderly parents to take care of, homes, dishes and laundry among a huge list of other things all screaming for attention at the same time. While tending and nurturing does release calming hormones in women that make you feel calm and relaxed, there is eventually a break even point and sooner or later you will snap.

A Time For Concern

When a woman begins to ignore her own needs and taking care of herself, it is a good indicator that she will soon begin feeling resentful and exhausted. Women must learn to find a balance in their lives to offset some of the nurturing that they do for other people in their lives. One way that women can do this is to learn that it is important to learn to say no. Helping your children and family members is a wonderful and necessary thing at times, but it can lead to an unhealthy dependency like when your 20 year old daughter still has you doing her laundry because she doesn’t know how. This type of behavior is not going to help you or her. Let go of the reigns a little bit and let people begin to take care of themselves when they can. Too many people will learn that it is easier to just let you do things for them, but it is not healthy for you or them to allow them to take advantage of you. Find time for you when you need it. Spend time alone with your thoughts or go enjoy some true relaxation time with your friends. The dishes and the laundry will still be there when you get back.


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