How to Meditate: Easy Meditation Techniques

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Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation is the practice of focusing and going beyond the “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation. It has become one of the most common methods to alleviate stress and other ailments that occur in everyday life. It offers peace of mind and clarity. The medical benefits of meditation can lead to healing physical, mental and spiritual health. However, it is crucial to learn how to meditate and follow a daily meditation regime for improved spiritual and physical well-being.

In recent years, the dramatic rise in the research and testing has revealed the positive benefits of meditation on the brain and heart. A relaxed brain ensures improvement in mental health, which, in turn, minimizes the risks of physical health also. Here are some easy meditation techniques for beginners, who will find these simple steps quite beneficial to their initial meditation regime.

How to Meditate?

The scientific and medical benefits of meditation have spawned various reliable and dubious ‘meditation’ forms. It only requires a few elements to maintain an ambience beneficial for meditation. In fact, meditating is absolutely not difficult. Here are some simple meditation techniques you can use anytime:

• One can meditate any time of the day. An early morning meditation practice is the most sought-after time of the day to contemplate. While most prefer to meditate in the morning, some meditate in the middle of the busy day to free themselves from their stressful schedule. You can choose your own time and space to avail the benefits of meditation.

• First, find a relaxing environment. Turn off any noisy appliances. If you prefer music, play a soothing and gentle song.

• Sit on a smooth and flat ground. The sitting posture of meditation is important in just one aspect, keeping your back straight. No need to adopt any outlandish posture, just keep your back straight. In fact, any relaxed posture is permissible provided your back is straight.

• Another simple meditation technique is to either close your eyes or keep them half open while focusing on an image or object. This is the most difficult part as our mind easily drifts away or gets distracted if we focus on one object or image. Practice focusing on one object every day. Alternatively, you can focus on a single small candle flame for achieving maximum benefits of meditation.

• Keeping your mind focused on a particular object, breathe slowly and deeply from your abdomen. Do not breathe from your chest as it can result in irregular patterns of breathing. The breathing process involves the inhalation/exhalation procedure in the ratio 1:2. For example, inhale for 3 seconds and breathe out for 6 seconds (ratio 1:2). You can increase the second count, but maintain this ratio.

• Deep breathing oxygenates your blood, thus lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Rhythmic breathing along with focusing your mind on one object or image ensures proper meditation. If you get distracted, visualize a place that calms you.

You will have a clear understanding on how to meditate once you follow the above steps religiously. But, maintaining a calm mind is the most difficult part. Concentrating on a point or an object is the key to get the maximum benefits of meditation. If you get distracted by any random thoughts, just cast it away and return to the object or point you are focusing on. These easy meditation techniques are the best way to avail the medical benefits of meditation.



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