Journal Writing for Sleep Disorders: Learn About Journaling Before Bedtime As a Cure For Racing Thoughts Before Bed

Journal Writing for Sleep Disorders:  Learn About Journaling Before Bedtime As a Cure For Racing Thoughts Before Bed
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Types of Journals

People keep journals for a number of reasons. Some use a journal to record the events of the day, a history of the family for the future. Others use a journal as an educational tool. Learning journals are great to record reflections, observations, and questions while studying a particular subject. The diary is a way for young girls to explore their personal feelings and record the day’s events. Dream journals are recordings of dreams for further analysis. Autobiographical journals allow a person to explore the hurts in life and do a self-assessment. A professional journal is a personal growth journal. Reading logs are to record events in a book as well as predictions to the storyline. The spiritual journal allows a person to record the reactions to events in life. Different from any other journal, the spiritual journal explores many aspects of the day. It’s a great journal for end of the day reflections and relaxation.

Benefits of Journals

Journals enhance intellectual growth, personal growth, self-discovery, and problem solving skills. Writing can also improve health by reducing stress. It allows you to purge all that pent-up emotion. Journal writing is a great aid to help you sleep.

Before you retire for the night, take the time to write in a journal. Journals can be plain notebooks or commercial products that guide you through the journaling process. The spiritual journal is a nice way to approach the end of the day. It usually has quotes from well-known authors, poems, or Bible verses, depending upon the nature of the journal. The journal pages are outlined into four or five sections. Common divisions of the spiritual journal are as follows: Concerns, Observations, Inspired Moments, and Goals for the Next Day. These outlined journals give you focus, if you find you don’t know what to write.

What’s great about journaling at bedtime is not only the chance to relax and empty your brain, but it’s a tool to use whenever you wake with racing thoughts. The journal is there to help you empty those ideas. If you awake from a bad dream, the journal is there to rid your mind of bad images.

The journal is a remarkable tool to help you sleep and to help you explore your feelings. Don’t just write in a journal; explore what you said by reading the journal. You might surprise yourself with your intellectual and thought provoking ideas.

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