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The men's health topic focuses on diseases that commonly affect men and explains how doctors diagnose and treat these conditions. Preventive care tips are also provided to help readers take control of their health.

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  • Causes of Massive Scrotum Enlargement
    Learn about the causes of massive scrotum enlargement. Discover more about the treatments of the conditions that cause the disorder.
  • The Presence of Black Spots on the Scrotum: Possible Causes and Treatment Options
    The presence of black spots on the scrotum, medically termed as angiokeratoma of Fordyce, is actually a benign condition. Yet, most men are afraid that this might be a sign of an STI. Know more about this condition, find out about its possible causes, and learn about its available treatment options.
  • An Overview of Scrotal Webbing in Infants
    Infant scrotal webbing is present at birth or a complication of circumcision, where too much skin has been removed. Although this condition doesn't alter health, it can produce complications during adulthood. Cosmetic surgery is needed to correct the abnormality.
  • Burning Scrotum Syndrome: What is it and How is it Treated?
    When a persistent and intense itching and burning sensation is experienced on the scrotum, a syndrome known as burning scrotum syndrome occurs. There are effective treatment options available.
  • Risk Factors for Varicocele
    Varicocele of the testicles is sometimes compared to as having a varicose vein in the leg. Learn about this condition, including risk factors for varicocele.
  • Antibiotics Used to Treat Epididymitis
    To learn about antibiotics for epididymitis and the types of infections that cause epididymitis, read the following article. Many antibiotics have side effects and contraindications that should be discussed with a physician before beginning treatment.
  • Leaky Hydrocele of the Spermatic Cord: What is it and How is it Treated?
    Swelling of the scrotum occurs when fluid collects around the one or both testes. One cause can be a congenital leak in the spermatic cord. Learn more about what a leaky hydrocele of the spermatic cord is and how it is treated.
  • Cysts in the Scrotum: Causes and Treatment Options
    Have you recently felt odd lumps in your scrotum? Cysts in the scrotum could be completely harmless or the sign of something serious. It is best to set up a consultation with your urologist.
  • The Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Kidney Disease
    Erectile dysfunction and kidney disease can be linked. If you are a man suffering from kidney issues talk to your doctor about possible ways to improve your erectile function.
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