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Best Cardio Exercise Machines

written by: Nicholas • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 1/28/2010

You have several great options to choose from when purchasing a new cardio exercise machine. Check out some of these great machines that are not only effective, but versatile as well.

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    About Cardio Fitness Machines

    The best cardio exercise machines don't necessarily have to be the most expensive. But realize, good exercise equipment is not the cheapest thing in the world either. If you are looking for an ultra cheap way to do cardiovascular exercise, you may want to consider jogging, which will require you to purchase some quality Reeboks, or a jumping rope, which will run you about $10 bucks for a quality jump rope.

    On the positive, the best cardio exercise machines will last you a long time. Professional quality equipment lasts most gyms anywhere from 5-10 years... and that's with hundreds of people using it each day.

    Here are some of the best machines from several different price ranges.

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    Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill - $1,299.00

    bowflex treadmill 

    You have probably seen at least one of the 10 different Bowflex commercials. "This is what a Bowflex body looks like!" Bowflex products are just like exercise products from any other equipment manufacturer, some are good, and some suck. The Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill is one of the good ones. It has a 3 horsepower motor, which for treadmills, is top notch. The dimensions on the Series 7 Treadmill are 20 x 60 inches, making it one of the largest consumer treadmills out there. It also has 15 built-in exercise programs that are displayed over 3 backlit LCD screens. Max speed is 11 MPH and max incline angle is 12%, which should challenge just about anyone. If you can run 11 MPH on a 12% up hill incline for any significant amount of time, you're a beast.

    Why is this Bowflex true at-home gym quality? It looks and feels like it. The machine itself weighs 298lbs and it can hold a 300lb person. So, it's worth it's weight, not in gold, but fitness quality.

    Get the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill online and save yourself the trouble of having to move that big oger from the store to your basement. Lowest price possible and also comes with a 15-year warranty!

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    Gaiam Mini Stepper - $69.00

    gaiam You may have seen this one on QVC. The Gaiam Mini Stepper is the definition of portable exercise equipment. It weighs 19lbs and supports a max weight of 250lbs. Didn't know they made such a thing? No built-in exercise programs or LCD screens, but for $69 bucks who can complain? It does have a digital timer and tension controls, which is a plus. Although there's no way that you can run on one of these, if you are on a budget, this may be just what you were looking for.

    Get the Gaiam Mini Stepper here at a great price.

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    Gazelle Edge - $79

    gazelle edge What do you get if you spend $10 more bucks than the Gaiam Mini Stepper? The Gazelle Edge. You have probably seen Tony Little on his late night infomercial trying to sell you on of these. The Gazelle Edge is one of the few things that you see on TV that is good quality. The Edge is a low impact machine, meaning no stress on the knees and joints... because it's a glider, with the running motion of a Gazelle. I can't imagine that one of these is at all fun to put together. However, it has awesome reviews and it costs $900 bucks less than your average treadmill. Max support weight is 250lbs.

    Add an edge to your workouts with the Gazelle Edge.

    The Gazelle Edge is pretty self explanatory. Feet on the rockers, hands on the handles and glide away. However, you can also let Tony Little show you how a pro does it with these DVDs VHS tapes. It's 2010, you would think they would have DVDs, ya know?

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    Confidence Foldable Stow Away Exercise Bike - $139.00

    confidence exercise bike This is what the evolution of the exercise bike looks like. The Confidence Foldable Stow Away Exercise Bike gives you a great, efficient exercise machine, with the storage ability of an ironing board. It has an adjustable seat and a built-in computer that tracks your riding time, speed, distance, and calories. Most notable feature is pedal resistance using magnets. The Confidence Portable Exercise Bike is a quality machine at a decent price.

    Purchase the Confidence Foldable Stow Away Exercise Bike.