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Body Sculpting Exercises and Strategies for Men

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 8/26/2009

Obtaining a sculpted ripped look is one of the most difficult things to achieve when working out. There are four basic factors that play a role in muscle definition. Find out more here.

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    Man of Steel

    If you take a look at most professional athletes you'll notice that they are unarguably some of the healthiest and most fit people on this earth. This is exactly what you need to be if you want to get a sculpted body. However, keep in mind that for a professional athlete, it is their job to train and workout frequently, so much of this comes naturally to them. You will also notice that some of them are outstanding athletes, but still don't exactly have that sculpted body look, which brings us to our first factor.

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    1. Athletically Gifted

    For some people, being ripped and having muscle definition is quite natural. In fact, some people may not even have to work out at all. So for these types of people, the sculpted look is already there. For others who are not as naturally athletic, getting a sculpted well defined look will require much more work to see any results at all.

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    2. Build Muscle

    In order to sculpt your body, you need to put on some muscle. This means lifting weights,doing push-ups, or any other type of resistance exercise. With an increase in muscle, you will get bigger and stronger, thus giving you a more ripped appearance. For resistance training, you can work whichever muscle group you wish to gain size and strength. For example, if you want to get bigger arms, you should build muscle by doing exercises such as barbell and dumbell curls. Some examples of body sculpting non-aerobic exercises are squats, leg presses, curls, and pull-ups. Many of these exercises work more then one muscle group, making them ideal for obtaining a sculpted body. Read here to learn how to build your own pull-up bar at home for less than $15.

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    3. Aerobic

    Aside from resistance training, you should incorporate aerobic exercise into your workouts as well. This will help get you in better shape all around thus improving your overall fitness level. Aerobic exercise is for building stamina and endurance rather then targeting specific muscle groups. Some examples of body sculpting aerobic exercises are jogging, jumping rope, bike riding, and roller skating. These exercises offer less resistance but are done consistently, for a longer period of time then anaerobic exercises. Aerobics help you sculpt your body by reducing body fat and allowing the muscle definition to show through.

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    4. Healthy Lifestyle

    The fourth and last factor that factors into getting a sculpted body is living a healthy lifestyle. This can involve many things. Anything from cutting out some of the junk food to getting the right amount of sleep at night will help improve your fitness. Also, if you are a smoker, quitting smoking cigarettes is a great health benefit. It will make aerobic exercise a lot easier for you which you need to get the fat off of your muscles.

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    The Combination

    The combination of these four things is what will help you on your way to getting that ripped look. The duration and type of exercise is all going to depend on you as an individual, because everybody it's different. Start with enough weight to tire your muscles in eight reps. When you can go past eight to ten reps, move the weight up by 2.5 or 5 pounds.