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Exercises for Men Only: Build Your Chest, Back and Legs

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 8/26/2009

Whether a certain exercise is for "men only" is a matter of opinion. However, many times the results men and women seek to get from their workouts are different.

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    Guys and Ladies

    It would be wrong to classify an exercise as "for men only" because there really is no such thing. Many females who are involved in athletics train using many of the same exercises as their male counterparts. All sports require the athlete (male or female) to train very hard in order to gain an edge in competition. This may involve things such as weightlifting, squats, etc...

    However, men and women do differ in the physical results that they are looking to obtain from their workouts. Most of the time, men seek to get bigger, stronger muscles and increase mass whereas women seek to stay toned and define their curves. For example, most men aim to build their bicep muscles to be bigger and stronger versus women who often prefer sleek toned arms.

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    Men's Workout

    For men, there are many exercises that will not only make you stronger, but also give you size and help you to put on more muscle weight (mass). One thing to remember when working out is that in order for your muscles to get stronger, you must put them in a state of tear and rebuild (muscle overload, rest, muscle overload, rest). To achieve this, it is often best to use lower repetitions with heavier weight. This will not only help you to gain strength, but also help you to progress between workouts. The following exercises are great for bulding bigger, stronger muscles.

    Squats: Squats are widely considered a power lift. They require you to use many different muscle groups while putting a tremendous amount of strain on your body. Squats will noticeably help you achieve bigger and stronger thighs. Try doing 3 sets of 6 with increasingly heavier weights.

    Curls: Both barbell and dumbell curls are a great way to build muscle in your upper arms. Noticeable areas of muscle growth will be seen in the bicep area. Try doing 3 sets of 10 with increasingly heavier weights between workouts.

    Dumbell Press: The dumbell press is a great way to get a bigger chest because unlike the traditional bench press, it forces you to stabilize a dumbell in each hand individually. Dumbell Presses will noticeably help you achieve a bigger upper body. Try doing 4 sets of 6 reps with increasingly heavier weights between workouts. Don't forget that Bright Hub has resources on the symptoms of a pulled chest muscle and what to do about it.

    Lateral Pull Down: Your back is one of the hardest areas to build muscle. Lateral pulldowns offer a great solution for strength in your upper back. For a more challenging workout, try using a rope attachment instead of the traditional bar. This will force you to work harder to stabilize the weight. Try doing 2 sets of 10 reps with increasingly heavier weights between workouts.