Building Bigger Chest Muscles: The Swimmer's Secret

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The Swimmer’s Secret

Most men want a bigger chest, but for some men, chest muscles can be difficult to build. If growing bigger chest muscles has been an elusive goal for you, it might surprise you to discover that one of the most effective ways to build bigger chest muscles doesn’t require lifting weights! While weight lifting is an effective way to strengthen the chest and build bigger muscles, some people don’t want to, or are physically unable to lift weights.

If you want a big chest, you should consider adding swimming to your workout. Swimmers have well-developed chest muscles for a reason. The pectoral muscles are used in swimming to a higher degree than most sports. The result is strong and well-developed chest muscles, as well as great cardiovascular benefits. Swimming also burns plenty of fat, which means your chest will be nice and chiseled, not covered up with a layer of fat. We all know how unattractive that can be.

Best Swimming Strokes for Building Chest Muscles

The breaststroke is probably the best swimming stroke for building bigger chest muscles. Not only does the breaststroke burn a lot of fat, but breaststroke swimmers typically have the most muscle mass. That’s because the breaststroke requires the most strength and energy to perform. So be sure to include the breaststroke in your swimming workout if you want to build the biggest chest muscles.

Freestyle swimming is also an effective way to build the chest. Chest muscles are worked with each over the shoulder stroke of the freestyle. For an even more effective way to build chest muscles, try doing the freestyle using only the upper body. Kick the legs the least amount possible, only enough to stay afloat. This technique works the chest muscles more intensely. Swim 3 times a week, with a day off in between swim days to let chest muscles recover. For best results, alternate between speed drills and long distance swimming.

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen and grow bigger chest muscles, swimming is a great place to start. The added benefit is that you’ll get a great cardio workout while you build up those chest muscles, all without lifting weights or sweating in a hot gym!