Building Bigger Thigh Muscles

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Lift Heavy Weights

Building big thighs means using heavy weights. You’ll get the biggest thighs possible by concentrating on exercises with the heaviest weight you can handle. The thighs consist of very large muscles that need heavy weights to build most efficiently. Make part of your strength training program a lower body routine using heavy weights, and you’ll get the biggest thigh muscles possible.

Vary Your Workouts

Vary your weight lifting workouts frequently if you want to increase the size of your thigh muscles. Changing up your routine keeps the muscles from becoming accustomed to your workouts. Muscles need constant change to keep growing and avoid a plateau. The bonus is that you’ll avoid workout boredom, and be more likely to stick to your exercise program. Ways to change up your routine include varying the exercises you do, switching the order of them, and changing the number of repetitions. Interval strength training is a great way to change up your strength or cardio workouts. Periods of increased intensity followed by recovery time is one of the best ways to challenge those thigh muscles.

Do the Most Effective Thigh Exercises

To get the biggest thigh muscles, do the most effective exercises that target the thighs. These include squats, both two-legged and one-legged versions. Squats are great for targeting the entire thigh muscle. Use heavy weights and low repetitions to increase mass. Lunges with added weights are also effective thigh exercises. You can do front, back, or side lunges to isolate the thigh muscle effectively. Leg extensions with a machine using heavy weights are also very effective. Low reps with heavy muscle is the key to building big muscles. Make sure you give yourself a day of rest in between strength training workouts using heavy weights. You have to allow the thighs time to recover before you work them, in order to get the most muscle mass increase.

Looking for some effective thigh exercises that have the bonus of providing cardio benefits? Try running! Running builds thigh muscles, and burns fat, so you’ll get better definition. Another great activity is climbing bleachers. Find a local high school where you can climb bleachers. Start slow, stepping up the bleachers carefully. You don’t have to go fast to start feeling the burn in those thighs. You’ll also get your heart pumping really quick! Be careful walking on wet bleachers, which can be slick.

If you want to build bigger thigh muscles, the trick is to use heavy weights, change your routine frequently, and do effective strength training moves. Add in some cardio that works the thighs to help increase muscle definition and build even more muscle. Follow these tips, and you’ll enjoy bigger thigh muscles in just a couple of months.