Why Try Jogging Interval Workouts?

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What Are Jogging Interval Workouts?

Jogging interval workouts consist of a jogging workout where the jogger alternates periods of slower jogging with periods of higher intensity running. Start with a slow 5 minute jog to warm up. Don’t begin your first high intensity interval until your muscles are warm. Then increase your speed for a short period of time. You could start with 30 second higher intensity intervals. Then slow back down to a slower jog for a period of rest and recovery. When you’re ready, do 2-3 more running intervals. Finish with 5 minutes of a slow cool down, followed by stretching.

You can increase the intensity of interval workouts in several ways. The first is to increase the length of the workout. A 45 minute interval workout is more intense than a 30 minute workout. The next way to increase the intensity of interval workouts is to increase the number of high intensity intervals. You can also increase the length of time you spend in the high intensity interval in order to increase the intensity of the workout. Finally increase the intensity level of the interval.

Why Men Should Try Jogging Interval Workouts

Jogging interval workouts are great for men who want to burn more calories and ramp up their cardiovascular fitness level. Interval workouts burn more calories than continually sustained intensity workouts. Men who want more bang for their buck will find that interval workouts mean faster results in less time. You can increase the intensity of jogging interval workouts without increasing the total workout time. This is great for guys who are pressed for time. If you’re looking to get leaner, interval workouts are one of the best ways to burn extra fat without adding more time to your current workout. Jogging interval workouts are also very effective in building cardiovascular fitness. Interval workouts build endurance faster than sustained workouts. So, no matter what your fitness goals may be, jogging intervals are a great tool in increasing your overall fitness level.