Army Ranger Workout: A Training Program to Prepare You

Army Ranger Workout: A Training Program to Prepare You
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Army Ranger

An army ranger is a member of a readily deployable, highly trained branch of the military. Rather than being a part of a larger squad, an army ranger works with a select few (lightweight group) to carry out more covert tasks and special operations. Like any other branch of the military, to become an Army Ranger, one must be able to withstand nine weeks of bootcamp and attend specialized training in their selected field.

Training - Workout

*Below are the requirements and tests to become an Army Ranger vs. Fitness Routine*

**The first part of Army Ranger training is educational testing. One must be able to pass the standardized ASVAP. On to the physical requirements and testing.**

Army Airborne School is the first stop in physical challenges for becoming an Army Ranger. This part consists of three stages (Ground Week, Tower Week, and Jump Week). For the most part, in these three stages you will receive on-the-job training which involves preparing you for working at high elevations and parachute jumping. To train for these stages you can work out by using plyometrics and jumping rope. This will increase your foot speed and coordination. Try working out using plyometric box exercises that require you to move quickly on different height platforms.

Another requirement of the Army Rangers is a traditional five mile run. Five miles is a fairly long distance run (20 laps around the track). The best way to train for this exercise is to go running. Instead of going to the track however, conduct your run through a neighborhood or somewhere in your city. This will add uphill, downhill, and uneven surfaces to your workout.

The walk phase is also required. During this time a solider must endure 21 days of training in the mountains. The run phase is also required. During this time a soldier must endure a significant amount of time in simulated swamp conditions. Conditions are stated to be rugged and very challenging. - To train for these phases try doing water endurance training in a pool. From there, switch to doing 5 minute intervals of jumping jack in a sauna or steam room. ALWAYS be sure that you stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. By training in this manner, your body is forced to adapt to quick changes in environment. Also, go running on colder nights so you can get used to working under different conditions.

It is very likely that most training done for any branch of the military will require you to carry a weapon and equipment. To train for this, carry up to a 35 pound barbell plate with you and run intervals up to one half mile.


As directly stated by, “If you are not in top physical condition when you report to the Ranger School, you will have extreme difficulty keeping up with the fast pace of Ranger training, especially during this first phase.” That said, the above exercises should definitely give you an edge before going off to Ranger school. You can try some of them even if you do not want to be an Army Ranger, if you are seeking out a much more challenging workout.