Developing a Boxing Workout Routine for Maximum Fitness

Developing a Boxing Workout Routine for Maximum Fitness
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A boxing workout is much more than just lifting weights and running. It involves exercises such as sparring, jumping rope, speed bag, heavy bag, and some boxers even go as far as to take dance classes in order to perfect their foot work. Like any sport, it requires a lot of technique and experience in order to achieve success. However, many ways in which a boxer trains can be used in you workout as well. If you are looking to add a little spice to your workout and switch things up, give the boxing workout routine a try. The following workout will give you some variation in your cardio training.


*The below workout routines have been claimed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. -Mayweather has yet to be beaten and holds a perfect 39-0-0 record (Mens Health).*

**Be sure to warm up thoroughly before doing any type of exercise, especially when training for boxing.**

Alternate Footing (Jump Rope) - Start with your right foot forward, your left foot slightly off the ground, and the rope behind you. Swing the rope over your head like you would do when normally jumping rope, and jump to your right foot. As the rope comes back around, jump off your right foot so that the rope passes under both feet and this time land on your left foot. Your right foot should not be touching the ground. When this exercise is done right, it will appear as if you are jogging through the jump rope rather than jumping with each rotation. The most difficult part of this exercise is getting your timing down. (For speed and agility) Jump rope for 5 minutes.

The Cross Over (Jump Rope) - For this exercise, start by jumping rope normally until you get a pace going, then start your cross over. Make sure that you cross your arms at waist height. As the rope passes over you, start to cross your hands. Your hands should reach the opposite sides near your hips at the same time the rope touches the floor. Jump, and then keep your hands still while the rope rises. Start to uncross as the rope reaches rotation above your head the second time. If done right, this exercise will appear as if you are jumping rope normally but crossing your arms during rotations. (For coordination and timing) Jump rope for 5 minutes.

Medicine Ball Catch - Practice with a partner by simply playing catch with a medicine ball. Do not throw the ball like a baseball, but rather keep a basic boxing stance throughout the entire exercise. Use both hands to push the ball off your chest using a shove motion. (Hand coordination, hand speed, resistance) Play catch for 5 minutes.

Jumping Jacks - A classic exercise that improves foot speed greatly for a boxer. Also gives arms a “free” workout. Jumping jacks for 3 minutes.

Heavy Bag + Speed Bag - This one is a given. It is best to first learn the basics of throwing a proper jab, uppercut, hook, and straight before training with punching bags. Heavy bag to work on striking and power. Speed bag for hand speed. Do heavy bag for 10 minutes and speed bag for 5 minutes.


Boxing is a combination of strength, speed, and technique. Much of the fitness routines by boxers is actual boxing. They spend a lot of time sparring and practicing. However, jumping rope is a great exercise as it greatly increases stamina and foot speed. Mix up your routines by adding jump rope one day a week instead of running.