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All About Free Standing Pull Up Bars

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 9/16/2009

Because many people incorporate pull ups into their fitness routine, they also need a solution to be able to do pull ups at home. Free standing pull up bars are a great solution.

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    If you were to take a trip down to your local gym, one thing you would notice is that the pull up bars that they use are free standing. Most places do not want to have to put holes in the walls of their facilities so that they can keep the place looking nice for any events that they may be hosting. Also, most commercial grade gym equipment features a machine with a built in free standing pull up bar. This is an idea that you can use in your home gym as well. Many companies now produce home gym free standing pull up bars.

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    Like any other gym equipment, free standing pull up stations come in many different qualities and grades. For example, you can get a commercial quality station with features such as built in slides (that allow you to place weight plates on to allow for greater or lesser resistance in your pull ups). Something like this would probably cost around $1500. However, you can also get a simple free standing home pull up bar station for around $90.

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    Aside from not having to put holes in your wall, free standing pull up bars also have many other benefits. First off, they are portable. Meaning that if you ever did have to move the pull up bar station, it would not be near as difficult as taking a bar out of a wall. Also, a free standing pull up bar will not take up the space in your doorway, so you will not have to move it and re-set it every time that you wish to do pull ups. One feature many users may find handy in a free standing pull up bar is also that they come equipped with added features. For example, many companies place a dip station directly below the pull up bar so that you can do dips as well. Many also feature pushup bars at the base.

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    The one disadvantage of a free standing pull up bar is that it does take up some space. A free standing pull up bar relies on the steel backing and legs to provide a base for the bar to be mounted on. Often, this can take up as much room as any other piece of gym equipment. Where as a simple doorway or wall mounted pull up bar does not take up near as much room.

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    Purchasing a free standing pull up bar is simply a preference. If you do not want to take up a doorway or put holes in your wall, than it is your best option. Before buying, be sure that you have plenty of room to place a free standing pull up station.