Adjustable Plyometric Boxes: What You Need to Know

Adjustable Plyometric Boxes: What You Need to Know
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What Is A Plyometric Box

Because plyometrics focuses mainly on sports fitness, many athletes use plyometrics to reproduce movements that they use in their sport. Many sports require sudden movements in many different and sometimes awkward directions. This is where a plyometric box comes into training. A plyometric box is simply a platform that is big enough to place both feet on comfortably and stable enough to not move if it is jumped on. Most plyometric boxes have a rough or rubbery surface to provide a sturdy foothold when being used. They also come in different heights to focus on different exercises.

Types of Plyometric Boxes

Plyometric boxes are like any other gym equipment. They are available in lightweight home versions and also heavier professional gym versions. You more than likely will not need an expensive gym-quality plyometric box if it will be just you using it. If you are a coach or fitness instructor and many people will be using the box throughout the day, than you should upgrade to a heavier pro gym quality plyometric box.

Also, depending on what type of sport you are training for will determine on the height of the plyometric box you will want to purchase. For example, an athlete training as a power forward in basketball will want to get a higher box so that they can train for dunking and rebounding agility. Where as a tennis player would not need as high of a box as they will be working mainly on precise, quick, lower foot movement.

If you are just looking at plyometrics as a way to workout, and not using it specifically as a way to train as a sport, you can use any secure set of stairs or any sturdy platform that you may have laying around the home.

Adjustable Plyometric Equipment

Because many sports do require a very diverse range of motions and movements, many athletes will want a box that they can set to different height levels. This is often a cheaper route to go rather than buying multiple platforms pre-set at different heights. One thing to take into consideration is that a plyometric box that is adjustable will not be quite as sturdy as a pre-molded single height box. However any quality gym equipment should be able to withstand years of use.

Most adjustable plyometric boxes adjust by way of lowering the platform by notches, or else being pre-made with custom levels that the platform may sit on. Another advantage of getting an adjustable plyometric box is that it gives you the advantage of several multi-height platforms without consuming much space. One disadvantage of an adjustable box is that you will not be able to do platform to platform plyometrics as you will only have one box.

What to Buy

It is best to look at your needs when choosing any type of workout equipment. If you are professional athlete, you more than likely can afford to purchase top-of-the-line gym equipment. If you are just someone looking to mix-up their workouts and get into plyometrics, then a cheaper more affordable box would be best for you.