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Rules in a Gym: You'll Need to Know These 7

written by: Sheryl R. • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 5/30/2009

Knowing how to play by the rules in a gym is the first step to having a safe and effective workout in a gym. Here are seven that you'll need to know about.

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    Rules in a Gym Apply to Everyone

    Whether you are an expert or heading to the gym for the first time, there is something you must know and take seriously. Most gyms have rules that must be followed. These rules will not be compromised. A couple of the most important reasons for having rules in a gym are to ensure safety of members, visitors and staff, and to prevent injury. Violating the rules in a gym can result in your having to leave the gym, revocation of membership or visiting privileges, or otherwise. A little foresight about the rules in a gym will help you, immensely.

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    Whose Rules Are They?

    To help you get started on your way to having a great workout, this article will give you a head’s up on knowing seven common rules in a gym. While there are many unspoken rules in a gym that are “no-brainers” which will serve you well to know and follow regardless of the gym you choose for your workout, each gym usually has its own set of specific rules. These are the rules in a gym that you must follow.

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    Where to Find the Rules

    The rules in a gym are often visible upon entering the gym. If they are not, stop by the reception desk to request them. Remember that it is your responsibility to know the rules in a gym and to comply with them. If you are not sure about a rule, ask for clarification. This is a good example of knowledge is power, in this case, power that can be applied to helping you to enjoy a productive workout.

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    Seven Common Rules in a Gym

    Getting started with these seven common rules in a gym will help to prepare you for gym visit. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive as rules may vary from gym to gym.

    1. Respect others – Be considerate of others working out in a gym. Treat them with the same respect and consideration you would expect.

    2. Carry a towel – Bring a towel with you, or get one from the gym reception desk. Use the towel to clean equipment after each use.

    3. Dress appropriately – Know the gym’s dress code. Wear proper exercise attire, particularly shoes that will protect equipment, your feet and others.

    4. Adhere to any time limitations – For example, there is often a time limitation on cardio equipment of approximately 20 minutes.

    5. Share equipment – Don’t be a “machine hog.” Get up from equipment between sets to allow others to work in there sets, even if no one is waiting near the machine.

    6. Care for the weights – Don’t drop them! Have appropriate person “spot” you, and put weights where they belong after each use, usually on a rack.

    7. Don’t hog the water machine – It is okay to fill your water bottle, but if there is a line, step aside to allow others to get water.

    Knowing these seven common rules in a gym and any other rules specific to your gym will be the start of a great, safe and effective workout. As you visit more frequently and play by the rules, the rules in a gym will become second-nature.