Measuring Your Biceps Like the Pros

Measuring Your Biceps Like the Pros
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The Process

So you have spent a lot of hours in the gym. You want to see how well that dedication has paid off. Measuring your biceps is a way of tracking progress and growth. It is an exhibition of strength mainly embraced by professional bodybuilders, fitness trainers, arm wrestlers, worlds strongest men, and flex artists.

Many people spend a lot of time in the gym specifically targeting their arms. They also see working on their arms as a test of strength.

It is actually best and most accurate to let someone else do the measuring. That way you can get two opinions, and also assure being precise.You will need a seamless tape measure (the same type that they use to fit you for a suit) and another person.

The way that the actual professional bodybuilders do it is quite simple. This is the official method for measuring your biceps. First, to get the full reading you are going to want to be sure that the measurement is from the lowest part or your tricep to the highest point on your bicep. This gives you the most accurate measure.

To start, extend your arm out to your side (so it is parallel with the ground), and wrap the measuring tape around it while it is still in a relaxed state. Next ball your fist up, and go into a flexing motion. Tense up and tighten your bicep, tricep, and all muscles in the arm to the highest degree possible. Take the measurement at the biggest point in your upper arm, down.

That’s all there is to it. It is best to take more then one measurement to be sure that you are getting as accurate as possible. This can be a good way to track progress if gaining arm strength is your goal.

Some good exercises to build bicep strength are dumbbell curls, barbell curls, tricep extensions, and tricep pull-downs.