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Kegel Exercises for Men: How They Improve Sexual Performance

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 6/24/2009

Performing the kegel exercise is said to help improve control and stamina in the bedroom making the guy last longer. They also help men to have stronger erections and multiple orgasms. Find out more here.

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    What Is a Kegel Exercise?

    Controlling ejaculation and lasting longer during sex is an issue that many men would like to have better control over. A solution that may help improve stamina is the kegel exercise.

    So what is a kegel? The kegel exercise is when you workout the pubococcygeus muscle. These are the muscles that control the flow of semen and urine out of the body. If these muscles are kept strong, they will greatly improve your control and overall stamina thereby giving you a much better sense of control. You will not only be able to have better sex, but will also be keeping your prostate healthy at the same time.

    Kegel exercises may also help you have a stronger erection and multiple orgasms by allowing allowing a feeling of climaxing without ejaculation.

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    Getting In Touch With Yourself

    To do kegel exercises for men, you must first make sure you know your PC muscle. To do this, cut off stream the next time you are making it rain in the bathroom. The muscle that you used to stop the rain is the PC muscle. Another way to get in contact with your PC muscle is to stick your finger up your rear hole, and when your anus tightens you know you are using the right muscle. Of course, this method is probably not preferred.

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    The Workout

    To do the actual exercises, you need to contract your PC muscle (pretend to stop the stream) and hold for 5 seconds; then release. You can do this whenever you would like, but it is best to do it twice a day-every other day. Then, gradually increase the routine until you reach the 5-minute limit. As you become more comfortable you can increase the duration of the exercise. But like any other fitness routine, do not do this everyday as the muscle will need some time to repair.

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    When you are doing the exercises, it is much like any other exercise. You are gaining better control over your muscles. When done properly, this exercise should increase your sexual stamina and give you better control of when you ejaculate. It will also strengthen the prostate, giving you better overall health.

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