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Mark Wahlberg's Workout

written by: Stephanie Mojica • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 8/3/2009

Mark Wahlberg is a former rapper, original member of New Kids on the Block, actor, and ex-Calvin Klein underwear model. Getting a Mark Wahlberg workout is a lot easier than his body may indicate.

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    One look at Mark Wahlberg's chiseled abs that helped make him a famous Calvin Klein underwear model can be both inspiring and discouraging. Men envying the former rapper's body may have visions of doing numerous crunches in an attempt to capture that look. However, a Mark Wahlberg workout does not include crunches, according to the actor himself.

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    Mark Wahlberg Workout

    The Mark Wahlberg workout is simple but not easy. The actor hits the gym five days a week and does 30 minutes straight of weight lifting, focusing on different body parts each day.

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    The Mark Wahlberg workout helped make the actor famous and keep him from returning to jail, according to 2 Fit 4 You. Wahlberg along with brother and New Kids on the Block member, Donnie, grew up in one of the roughest areas of Boston. Mark Wahlberg opted to go to the gym and do his basic weight-lifting workouts and tried to stay out of trouble. He did a prison stint on an assault conviction, but used his time inside to use the correctional facility's gym and renew his dedication to pumping iron rather than fists.

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    The Mark Wahlberg workout really does not include cardio. He has gone on record stating that treadmills, exercise bikes, and other cardio exercises are boring to him. However, most people can still benefit from some kind of regular cardiovascular workout and should not take even this fit actor's words as gospel truth.

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    In preparation for a role as a hockey player in the film "Four Brothers," the Mark Wahlberg workout did include some cardio to its menu. The movie star spent two hours a day playing hockey for months, and has said when it comes to preparing for a move part he will add to his workouts. However, no matter what he does, the Mark's fitness routine always includes consistent weight training. This has created the body that has helped make him admired by a number of fans.