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How To Build Your Own Pull Up Bar

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 7/2/2009

Building your own pull up bar is a great way to workout at home. You don't have to change weight plates, and you don't need a bunch of space like you would with most home gym equipment.

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    Self Built Pull Up Bars

    Simple Pull Up Bar
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    The "Door Gym" that you may have seen on some of those late night infomercials claims to be the best pull up bar that you can get. But, it retails for $60 plus shipping and plain and simple it's a bar. You can build the exact same thing for about $10 with parts that are readily available at any local hardware store. One big advantage that you have when building your own custom pull up bar is that you can build the bar specifically for the area that you are going to be working out in.

    The first thing that you want to figure when deciding to build your own pull up bar is where you are going to want to place it. Depending on whether you want to put it in a doorway compared to say your basement will all factor into the parts that you need to get. Basically, you are going to need the following:

    1. a bar
    2. threaded joints
    3. mounting plates
    4. screws

    Make sure that you get strong enough materials that you know will not give out. Also, it is best to use a plumbing pipe for the bar as it is threaded on both ends.

    After you have all of the materials, here are the steps to constructing your pull up bar:

    1. The first thing you are going to want to do is screw an end joint onto each end up the bar. For reinforcement it is a good idea to use caulk within the threads to permanently bond the bar to the joints.
    2. Next, screw each one of the threaded mounting plates into the other end of the jointed sections.
    3. Now all you have to do is set the bar. Using the screws that you purchased, put at lease 4 screws into each mounting plate and proceed to mount the bar on the wall. Make sure that you are putting these screws into a solid base or beam. You can use a magnetic stud finder to find solid points in the wall, doorway, or ceiling.

    Check out the pictures of all the different options. This is a very custom process as it all depends on what kind of bar you want to build. However, it is possible to manipulate the shape of the bar in any way you so choose. The steps that have been included are on how to build a simple pull up bar.