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The Hugh Jackman Workout Plan

written by: Nicholas • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 7/7/2009

Hugh Jackman is in an occupation that requires a certain degree of athleticism; especially when all of his films to date are fast-paced action movies. For a guy that does all of his own stunts at age 40, his workout plan has to be top notch.

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    Hugh Jackman's Workout Secrets

    Wolverine Hugh walks around at 6'3 210-220 pounds, so it is no surprise that he is the ideal candidate to take on roles such as X-Men's Wolverine or a Monster killer like Van Helsing. In a recent interview done by Men's Health, one of the questions they asked Jackman's directors was about his workout plan. Since the occupation of acting often requires stars to beef up for some roles and get in shape, Jackman's directors and Hugh himself revealed the workout plan for some of the roles the actor has taken on.

    When preparing to do the movie "X-Men", Hugh Jackman willingly said that part of his workout requirements were bench presses and leg presses. At one point he was benching 315 pounds and leg pressing 1000 pounds. He said jokingly in the interview that when he was maxing out he just about shat himself.

    For the movie "The Fountain" Jackman reported workout plans involving yoga and tai-chi. He mentioned that preparing for this role was perhaps his most enduring experience. Because it required scenes shot underwater, Hugh also trained by doing underwater aerobics for three days straight.

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    The Wolverine Workout

    Hugh Jackman's workout routine for each day is quite impressive. Although he works out on a constant basis, when he is picked to do parts such as his role as Wolverine, he turns it up a notch.

    To prepare for the role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's daily workout sessions included:

    • An hour and a half every day in the gym.
    • Food intake of 1000 extra calories a day to fuel his workout.
    • Numerous sets of bench-presses.
    • Numerous sets of barbell-lunges.
    • Light squats.
    • Numerous sets of leg-presses.


    Jackman's workout music mix features Godsmack, Metallica, and a lot of variation. Hugh reports workouts that he would change up approximately every three-weeks, going from heavy weights with lots of rest between sets to lighter weights with slower reps to fast-twitch explosive lifts.

    Although Jackman does not go into excessive detail about his workouts, he does stress the importance of mentality within any training. He says that every day is somewhat of a different mentality. There are days when you go into the gym and want to kill the weights, and there are days that your spotter will have to help you out a bit.

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