Major Depression

Everybody feels sad or depressed once in a while as a normal part of life. However, when feelings of sadness and despair become so overwhelming it limits your ability to function or enjoy daily activities you may be suffering from major or clinical depression.
There’s no shame in admitting you may be depressed. Depression can have many causes and can be cured. Treatments can include therapy, medication or some natural methods like change of diet or lifestyle. Major depression is also known as major depressive disorder (MDD) or clinical depression. Learn the symptoms of major depression and how to distinguish it from normal feelings of sadness. Besides feeling sad, symptoms of depression can also include fatigue, weight gain or loss, confusion, lost interest in hobbies or activities and other symptoms.

Incidence & Prevalence of Major Depression

Major depression affects up to 20% of Americans and puts considerable strain on society in term of reduction in productivity and treatment costs. Here we review the impact of major depression, looking at the incidence and prevalence of such a disorder.

Major Depressive Disorder: Recurrence and Relapse

The risk of relapse for someone with major depression exceeds 80% and patients having had a first episode are understood to experience further episodes on average four more times during their lifetime. Here we discuss major depressive episodes in terms of relapse and recurrence.