Major Depression

Everybody feels sad or depressed once in a while as a normal part of life. However, when feelings of sadness and despair become so overwhelming it limits your ability to function or enjoy daily activities you may be suffering from major or clinical depression.
There’s no shame in admitting you may be depressed. Depression can have many causes and can be cured. Treatments can include therapy, medication or some natural methods like change of diet or lifestyle. Major depression is also known as major depressive disorder (MDD) or clinical depression. Learn the symptoms of major depression and how to distinguish it from normal feelings of sadness. Besides feeling sad, symptoms of depression can also include fatigue, weight gain or loss, confusion, lost interest in hobbies or activities and other symptoms.

The Signs of Depression in Teenage Girls

Approximately 20 percent of teens suffer from depression. While both genders are affected, statistics show that girls are twice as likely to become depressed as boys. In this article we will look at the signs of depression in teenage girls and some of the reasons behind it.

Warning Signs of Depression in Older Men

As men age their risk of depression increases. Late-life depression is poorly understood and often overlooked, yet the highest rate of suicide in the U.S. is among older men. This article takes a look at just some of the warning signs to watch out for.

Insight into the Physical Symptoms of Depression

Sometimes people suffering from depression never get help because they are unaware that physical pain may be a symptom of depression. It is important that we realize that because when we treat the pain it can help alleviate our depression and when we treat the depression it can help with the pain.

The Major Depressive Disorder Effect On A Family

Major depressive disorder can have a negative impact on a person and his or her family members. If left untreated, the situation can only get worse. It’s important to take a look at some of the causes, risk factors and treatments that are available for this disorder.

Effects Of Depression On Pregnancy

A pregnant women dreams and make plans about her unborn child but it never occurs to her that she may need to be aware of the effects of depression on pregnancy. But many pregnant women experience depression while pregnant so its important to know the difference between sadness and depression

The Warning Signs of Depression During Pregnancy

The image of a woman vibrant with the glow of pregnancy, feeling and looking her best, contrasts with the sadness and loss of pleasure some women experience during this time. The warning signs, triggers, who is at risk, and treatment options are covered in this article.