Living with Cancer

Hearing the cancer diagnosis can be a life-shattering event. Through the initial acceptance, to facing treatments and surgery, cancer can change your life in many ways. Whether you're battling cancer yourself or looking for tips on helping a loved one cope, read insightful articles and tips from peers and professionals. Get tips on coping with depression, side-effects from chemotherapy, improving quality of life for cancer patients and more.

Learn about Over the Counter Drugs During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful agents which destroy cancer cells. They can react with over the counter medications, prescription drugs, herbs, nutritional supplements, and foods containing caffeine or alcohol. Find out how to avoid the negative effects of over the counter drugs during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Safety Precautions

Several drugs used during chemotherapy are quite harmful to both healthcare professionals and the families of the patients. To avoid any exposure to this dangerous medication, safety precautions have been developed, which will be discussed here.