Labor & Delivery

Prepare for the delivery of your baby with insider info and expert advice. We’ll cover different birthing methods, including the popular lamoze as well as other types. Find out what happens during childbirth, delivering vaginally vs. casarean, recovery and aftercare tips and more.

The Benefits of Prophylactic Antibiotic in C-Section

The rate of delivery by Cesarean section is increasing worldwide, and many are done on emergency basis. To reduce the incidence of post-operative infection, surgeons usually give antimicrobial prophylaxis to surgical patients. Learn more about the benefits of prophylactic antibiotics for C-section.

Recovering From a C section

Whether you had a C section for medical reasons or voluntarily opted to go this route, recovering from a C section has its challenges. Learn more about the challenges you might face and some tips for helping to speed your recovery along.

Natural Birth Versus Cesarean Birth

There is much concern among pregnant women on issues about natural birth versus cesarean birth. Natural birth is usually chosen when nothing is wrong with the pregnancy. A cesarean section, on the other hand, is often performed in cases where there are health implications.

Learn about the Cervical Cerclage Removal

A cervical cerclage is essential to keep the cervix closed to prevent premature birth. Meanwhile, you need to have cervical cerclage removal at the 37th week of pregnancy. Read on to learn how this minor surgical procedure is performed along with risks and complications that may occur.

Four Drugs for Preterm Labor

Learn about four drugs for preterm labor: terbutaline, indomethacin, nifedipine, and magnesium sulfate. Know how they help stop labor and how they can affect the mother and fetus.
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