The Nutrients in Cherries

The Nutrients in Cherries
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The Wealth of Nutrients in Cherries

Cherries have long been a summer treat favorite among young and old alike. The sweet, tart fruits can be eaten fresh from the tree or baked into pies or cooked down into jelly. There is much more to a cherry than its flavor, though. There is a wealth of nutrients in cherries, just waiting to be used.

Vitamin C, pectin, melatonin and beta-carotene are the most well-known nutrients in cherries. They help maintain good health and can be found in many other fruits, as well. The most important nutrients to be found in cherries are cancer fighting agents, such as anthocyanins (anti-oxidants), quercetin, queritrin, cyanidin, perillyl alcohol and other cancer fighting agents. Cherries can lower urate levels and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The wealth of nutrients in cherries is proving more and more useful in the natural treatment of the most dreaded diseases of our time.

Cherries as a Dietary Supplement

When fresh cherries are not available, there are other ways to enjoy the wealth of nutrients in cherries. Jams and jellies, made from fresh cherries are a little high in sugar content, but most of the nutritional value remains. Cherry pies can be frozen and enjoyed all year round. Cherry juice is readily available in most supermarkets and tastes very good, even after being stored for long periods of time. Cherry flavored teas (when made with the real thing) are another good source of the beneficial properties that can be consumed all year round. Dried cherries are easy to make at home with a food dryer and make a great addition to trail mix or even cereals.

The wealth of nutrients in cherries can be used all year long, in many different forms. The best way to eat cherries to get all the essential nutrients is, of course, from the fresh fruit itself. Anti-oxidants, flavonoids and other nutrients can be found in other foods, as well as in vitamin supplements. But for anyone who wants one hundred percent natural foods that are high in cancer fighting contents, cherries are one of the best fruits to eat.

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