Natural Treatments: Best Nutrition for Impotence

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What is Impotence?

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is when a man is unable to perform sexually. It can have many causes from stress to medical conditions. Temporary episodes of impotence are not unusual, even in young and healthy men. If the condition persists, there are herbs and foods that can restore normal function without the use of pharmaceutical products or the expense of prescriptions. If the natural method fails, a doctor should be consulted, since the impotence might have a root cause that could require surgery (such as prostate cancer or even a benign tumor).

Impotence can be caused by drugs that a man is taking for another problem. For example, high blood pressure medications often result in erectile dysfunction and so do some tranquilizers. If taking a prescription, it’s always best to ask about side effects in advance and avoid the surprise later on. Cholesterol can also affect libido.

What is the Best Nutrition for Impotence?

A low fat, low cholesterol diet is best for the treatment of most ailments, but particularly important for men with impotence. Herbs such as ginko biloba and saw palmetto are effective remedies for impotence, too. Exercise can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and improve a man’s performance ability.

Pumpkin seeds, oats, beans and garlic are very helpful for impotent men. Zinc and iron are also valuable in the diet. Lean beef, oysters, cheese products, liver and whole grains should be eaten daily. Weight loss can be a factor, especially in men over fifty years of age. Being overweight can inhibit both the sex drive and the ability to perform.

Getting enough rest and using little or no alcohol are additional ways to improve sexual function. It is important to balance both the diet and behavior in order to maintain good health, including sexual health. There are multi-vitamin supplements made specifically for men and others for men over fifty. If your diet is lacking in some nutrients, a supplement can help restore natural balance and functions.

Taking in the best nutrition for impotence is the best place to start. Try this first and then if you do not see a difference, you can begin to follow some of my other suggestions.

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