Benefits of Bee Venom Therapy

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Components of Bee Venom in Bee Venom Therapy

Honeybees produce bee venom from their stingers in their quest to defend their bee colony. Bee venom therapy has continued to be one of the richest sources of enzymes, biogenic amines and peptides for centuries now. The venom consists of not less than eighteen active components that have some form of pharmaceutical properties. Scientists believe the mechanism of the bee venom therapy can modify how the immune system works in the human body and lead to an increase in cortisol production.

How Bee Venom Therapy Works

Traditionally, apitherapy using bee venom therapy was done by stimulating live bees to sting affected areas, acupuncture points or trigger points. Standardized venom is used in creams, linaments, injection form or ointments determined by the nature or type of disease. To acquire the most effective bee venom, harvesters target it as it comes directly from the bee mostly during late spring until early fall. During this season bees have access to good pollen and are able to produce venom, for bee venom therapy, that is highly potent. Injecting the venom solution is the standard method of administering bee venom and is as effective as being stung by a bee.

Applications and Side Effects of Bee Venom Therapy

Bee venom therapy is widely practiced by lay apitherapists and health practitioners. Once it is clarified that a patient is not allergic to the bee venom, therapy duration and number of injections or stings are determined by how severe a condition is and its nature. China and Europe are known to use venom solution in ultrasonophoresis and electrophoresis applications. Discomfort commonly associated with use of bee venom includes pain, swelling, itching, redness and inflammation. Bee venom therapy is considered as safe and is recommended for a patient who does not respond to a conventional method of treatment.

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