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Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a milky colored liquid that is thick and rich in nutrients and though it is fed to the worker bees for only three days giving them a life span of seven weeks the queen bee feeds on it throughout her lifespan and lives for five years. When honey and bee pollen are mixed with enzymes produced from the bees’ salivary glands this mixture is what is known as royal jelly. Most bee keepers are aware that there are numerous nutritional benefits associated with royal jelly, which makes it very useful in apitherapy.

Components of Royal Jelly

This hive product is 70% water and in its pure form, it is very acidic with a PH that ranges between 3 and 4. The many benefits of pollen cannot even compare to those of royal jelly, which has the highest content of amino acids in all hive products and contains a total of 20 essential amino acids. Some of the other ingredients that are contained in royal jelly include glucids, lipids, vitamins, minerals, acetylcholine and other elements. Glucids are equal amounts of fructose and glucose while lipids are fatty acids and hydroxytransdecenoic acid, contains anti-fungal, anti-germinative and antibacterial properties. The minerals in royal jelly include iron, calcium and potassium.

Applications of Royal Jelly

Research has found royal jelly to be the richest natural source of all vitamins B especially B5 known as pantothenic acid. Other vitamins present in reduced quantities are vitamins C, vitamins B12 and liposoluble vitamins. In apitherapy, royal jelly plays a major role in disease resistance since it contains the sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. This product is produced in various forms to make it fit for human consumption. These forms range from fresh, fresh frozen, dried/freeze capsule or tablet form, for rectal or vaginal administration, there are herbal preparations and honey mixtures.

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