Top 5 Natural Foods: Learn the Unique Benefits of Natural Foods For a Healthy Living

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Despite being well aware of the benefits of natural foods, we seldom pay heed to a proper and healthy diet. The saying “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” suggests how important the nutritional values of natural food can be to a healthy living. A little attention towards eating natural foods saves us from the hassles of tests and prescriptions. The following examples illustrate the good effects of eating natural foods.

1. Nuts:

Nuts may assist in preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease due to the presence of Vitamin E. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health has found that Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and reduces the deterioration of memory in the brain as you age. Researchers have so far failed to replicate this property even through large doses of vitamin E pills.

2. Cereals:

In a study conducted at the USDA Western Human Nutrition Research Center, researchers found that folic acid was an important ingredient that could help to enhance the production of sperm in men. Folic acid is also responsible for synthesizing DNA. Cereals and green vegetables are some examples of natural foods that contain a good amount of folic acid.

3. Apples:

If you are thinking how to control cholesterol with natural foods, then focus more on eating apples. This fruit is full of natural antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Researchers at University of California found that in people who regularly consume apples, it took 20% longer for the bad LDL cholesterol to oxidize in their bloodstream. The oxidation of the LDL cholesterol in the blood stream results in the overall risk of heart disease.

4. Blueberries:

According to a study from Tufts University, Blueberries may help to reduce a genetic disposition to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researcher James Joseph, PhD, in one of his studies said:

“We found that blueberries boost enzymes that help brain cells ‘talk’ to each other and make the cell membranes more receptive to the signals. Our results suggest for the first time that it may be possible to overcome a genetic pre-disposition to AD through diet,” (source: American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias)

5. Garlic and Onions:

According to researchers at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, benfotiamine, a fat soluble form of Vitamin B1 or thiamin, has the capability of blocking the major cause responsible for blood vessel damage in patients with elevated blood sugar levels. As a result it helps prevent many complications of diabetes including retinopathy and neuropathy. For many years, physicians in Europe have been using benfotiamine, to treat health problems associated with diabetes with great success. Garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks contain Benfotiamine, though in small quantities.

There are innumerable benefits of natural food that we can ever imagine, let alone perceive. These five natural foods, through painstaking research and studies have already proved that eating natural foods can bring a welcome change to our healthy food regime.

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