All Natural Pain Killers: Learn Which Herbs and Natural Remedies Work for Different Types of Pain

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There are many different types of pain. Since prescriptions and over the counter drugs can have harmful side effects as well as potentially worsening your condition after long periods of use, it is beneficial to try a natural approach first. Herbs are food whereas most medicines contain toxic chemicals, hormones and other synthetic properties.

Different Types of Pain

How do you know what type of pain you have? Below are the listed “types” of pain, complete with brief definitions. If and when you decide to see a doctor this knowledge can be important for any diagnosis.

• Acute Pain- This usually comes on suddenly and is caused by injuries or traumas.

• Chronic Pain- This is a pain that lasts 4 months or longer, after the original injury or trauma should have been healed.

• Fast Pain- This is something that is felt quickly when an injury occurs.

• Slow Pain- This type of pain is a response to diseases like cancer.

• Superficial Somatic Pain- This pain comes from with receptors in your skin.

• Deep Somatic Pain- This pain comes from the muscles, joints and tendons on your body.

• Visceral Pain- It stems from internal disease or injury to your organs.

• Referred Pain- This pain is very tricky as you begin to feel it in a different area than where the problem is. For example, heart attack victims usually have a pain in their left arm before or during the attack.

• Phantom Limb Pain- This odd feeling is present in amputees. Pain seems to be in a limb that has been removed.

Inflammation and Pain

Pain and inflammation go hand in hand with injuries and trauma. So, let’s take a closer look into the natural compounds that can alleviate both symptoms.

Fish oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids are very important in holding back pro- inflammatory prostaglandin production.

Turmeric is an Indian spice that adds an exotic flavor to several tasty dishes. This spice in food decreases and breaks down the pro inflammatory fat.

Amino acids such as isoleucine, lucine, valine and taurine slows or stops the pain inducing properties of glutamate.

Magnesium, ginseng, vitamin D, and vitamin E all decrease both inflammation and pain so taking double doses of these vitamins is an effective treatment for recovery.

Herbal Supplements

For pain accompanying all types of arthritis as well as other painful inflammatory conditions, the following supplements have a positive effect on relieving these symptoms.

• Devil’s claw

• Stinging nettle

• Willow bark

• Boswellia

• Parilla seed

• Omega- 3 fatty acids

• Glucosamine

• Chondroitin

• Vitamin B3

• Phenylalanine

It is important for people who have stomach problems or who are taking heart medication to consult their doctor before using these herbs. There are no side effects but the herbs may reduce potency of some medications. Even though these herbs have no side effects, you should consult a health care professional to determine any allergies you may have to these herbs prior to use.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are well known for helping with pain. They can be purchased in herb stores or you can order them online at GNC or the herb Basin

• Corydalis, also known as Yan Hou Sou , is an effective remedy for chronic back pain as it helps circulation.

• Corydaline B, relaxes muscles. It eases chronic back pain.

• Peony, also known as Bai Shao, is an anti spasmodic and analgesic.

• Licorice otherwise known as Gan Cao is often used with peony to relieve severe arthritis and chronic pain.


Since most doctors are unwilling to give brief and concise information concerning natural remedies and their use as pain killers, I hope this article will furnish you with the knowledge you need to choose your medication wisely.


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