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Use Flowers to Decrease Stress & Improve Health

written by: Julia Bodeeb • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 7/18/2011

Use the beauty of nature to ease stress from your life. Find out how you can relieve the stress that daily life causes by using the simplicity of flowers. Find out how flowers can be used as an effective natural remedy for stress.

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    Flowers and Our Health

    Flowers have a powerful impact on humans. Their beauty and their scent mesmerize us. Spotting a beautiful flower allows us to slow our pace and pause from the chaotic daily schedule and spend a few moments immersed in the joy of beholding its beauty or smelling its sweet scent. For these reasons, flowers are an effective natural remedy to treat stress.

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    Tips for Outside and Inside

    lilacs Grow Soothing Flowers

    A large lilac tree will send a pleasant scent wafting into the home. Plant them in areas close to bedrooms and let the scent help you relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Lilacs are also beautiful as cut flowers in the home. Bring nature inside to help heal emotional stress and give the eyes a chance to feast on nature. Instead of reaching for an unhealthy cure for stress, bring flowers inside and experience their soothing effect.

    The hyacinth flower also has a wonderful scent. This flower is easy to grow outside. The hyacinth is available in white, pink and purple. Just a few hyacinths will add a lot of scent to a yard. Spending time in a yard with the air scented with hyacinths is relaxing and soothes the senses.

    Use Flowers in Rituals

    A calming ritual may be something as simple as purchasing roses every Friday to see a soothing tone in the house for the weekend. It could also be gathering roses from the garden to sprinkle rose petals on the sheets before a special evening.

    Perhaps daisies remind you of childhood walks. You could plant a bed of daisies in your garden and make it a habit to spend at least a few moments outside sitting near the bed of daisies and enjoying the view to relax.

    Sprinkling bath water with fresh flowers is also a lovely ritual that is very relaxing. Relaxing in the tub with beautiful flowers around you gives one a feeling of joy and serenity. The colors and beauty of the flowers entrances the mind and allows it to relax. Roses and lilacs are both lovely sprinkled in a bath.

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    Ways to Use Flowers as a Natural Remedy for Stress

    Strategically Decorate with Flowers

    Use flowers in strategic locations to help energize and improve your mood. Put some sunny yellow sunflowers in the breakfast nook to stimulate energy to start the day and foster feelings of goodwill. A vase of bright red tulips might energize a home office.

    Use flowers with bright colors and beautiful shapes to spark energy and joy.

    Create a Lavender Gardenlavender 

    Plant lavender and enjoy strolls through that area of the garden to enjoy the soothing scent of the lavender. Pick some of the lavender and make pillows from it to promote restful sleep. Keep a bowl of lavender on your desk to decrease stress during work hours.

    Give Gifts of Flowers

    Grow some flowers that are easy to cut and give as gifts. Flowers help generate joy. It is hard to stay mad at someone who arrives with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Help relieve the stress of conflict by sharing flowers with someone to show them you want them to have beauty and joy in their life.

    Flowers make people happy. Their beauty gives us a chance to remember how unique and precious every element of nature is. Flowers are a great natural remedy for stress and they soothe the soul.

    Invest in a pack of seeds to grow flowers and you will receive endless hours of joy once the blooms start arriving. Let flowers bring joy and beauty to your world. Life is short so fill it with flowers!

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